I'm pretty sure it's safe to say that everyone is in love with just a plain ole' comfy modest tee. I know if I could wear them every day I would... Oh, wait I pretty much do. So here are a few of my style tips to dress up that tee if needs are.
Because sometimes believe it or not I do have to leave the house. 
T-Shirt & Jeans
  • Our favorite everyday tee just paired with jeans and wedges.
  • This might be the best and easiest way to wear a tee. 
cute tees for modest women
cute tees for conservative women
modest shirts for women
T-Shirt & Skirt
  • This is one of my fav styles because I just love tees so if I can
  • dress the up and pair them with a skirt I'm a happy girl.
Modest tops for women
Conservative tees for women
T-Shirt & Jacket
  • I always love throwing a jacket on over my tees. I can be comfy at home working. 
  • Then when it's time to head out the door I add a jacket for style!
Tees for cute women
cute modest clothing
Now if only I could figure out how to dress up my sweatpants I would be set for life. Because comfy-cute always wins in my book. 
Love, Brig
SexyModest Clothing

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