Ladies...all my ladies:)

This weeks been one of those hard, tiring and emotionally draining weeks. I feel like lately, I have these days more often than not. 

The most asked question I always get is, "How do you do it all?" My response... I don't! Don't let me fool you for one second into thinking I have it all together. Remember Sundays post??? I mean I couldn't even find my bra to go to church! Lol  

I think somehow and somewhere we got this misconception that we have to be super women. That we have to do it all. I'm guilty! I try to juggle my family, church callings, serving, being fit and run a business.  It's exhausting. It really is. I don't want to be superwoman. I just want my kids to be happy and healthy and know they are loved. But then Satan creeps in... and I want to be superwoman again. I want to do it all and be everywhere for everyone and juggle everything. But it doesn't take long until I realize it's not possible.  And then I feel bad when I can't do it all.

The more I have thought about this I realize I don't think Heavenly Father ever intended for us to do it all. I don't think he wants us to be so busy doing that we are forgetting what's important. My New Years resolution is to be better at this. To take it all in and live slow and to not let busyness steal anymore of my joy.

Love, Brig


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