For Valentines Day my girlies voted against going skiing to do a Valentines Restaurant. They begged me… how could I say No? They had all these plans and ideas and after hearing them I knew we must get to work because this was going to take us ALL DAY:) Kira began calling her guests and having them make reservations for 6 p.m. sharp. She quickly filled up the 5 slots we had available. After deciding on a menu all 3 girls went grocery shopping with me while daddy typed the menu (which you must read because it is hilarious). They set the table with my fine china, candles and flowers. Kira made a reservations/check in desk. The girlies served a 4 course meal and lots of sparkling waters and italian sodas. And yes Kira wore a mustache and spoke in a French accent all night.  The girlies had so much fun and it was the most adorable thing ever. There is no other way I would have rather spent my Valentines than with the ones I love:) P.S. Mommy and Daddy decided we could never own a restaurant together after last night:)

Seriously prepare yourself for reading the menu. I pretty much peed my pants. My husband is so funny!


The Reservation desk. This girl did NOT break character all night:)



The “little” waitresses at The Afrodisishack:)


Peeking out from behind the “Kitchen”  curtain at the guests arriving! How cute are the towels on their arms?!?!


The “kitchen” where all the food was being prepared by mommy and daddy!

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Our Guests.

Granny and Papa, who of course dropped everything to come and canceled their plans to the David Archuletta program.


Uncle Stevie and Aunt Juju (Aunt Juju not pictured because she was taking all the pics for me:)


Matt Paulson ( A sweet friend whose wife happened to be out of town so how could he say no?)


Appetizer… Compliments of the chef. And don’t worry the girlies said that as they served them. I was seriously trying not to laugh it was so cute!


Dinner is served…




And last but not least, my partner in Crime! I have no idea what I would do without this funny, sweet and loving guy. He would do anything for his girles. Obviously:) I’d be lost without him by my side.


So as you can see my Valentines Day was perfect!

Love, Brig

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