On a daily basis I'm running around with my head cut off trying to feed, bath, play and run my children to and from. I'm constantly wishing I would have woken up a tad earlier to throw in a crock pot meal... But reality is I'm running to the store between dance and rock climbing running up and down the aisle like a crazy person trying to decide what to throw in my cart to cook up the fastest. Sometimes it's captain crunch and fruit loops. It seems like a mom fail, but my kids are young so it's like dessert for dinner and they think it's fabulous... for now. As I get older and grow wiser I'll have to learn to plan better. I can dream, right?
On top of all this perfect madness of raising a family I also try to run a business. And this is where my heavy heart comes in. If you've ever worked in customer service you know exactly what I'm about to say. Honestly, almost daily when I work in customer service I wonder what has happened to this world. I wish I was the personality to brush off the rude comments, the judgement and ridicule, but I can't. It weighs on my heart. It saddens me that behind a computer screen people are so fast to tear others apart. Do we not have enough stress and heartbreak in our own lives to be sufficient? Do we need to add more to one another. To give each other one more reason to get less sleep at night or to cry more. Life is hard people. It just is. Everyone, and I mean everyone has battles and daily trials. It's part of life. But why are we adding to it by tearing down one another? Recently I had an unhappy customer. Is it my first unhappy customer? Of course not. And try as I might it won't be my last. This particular customer placed an order online and agreed to our exchange policy. She received her items and wanted to return them for a full cash refund. We nicely emailed our policy and told her we'd be happy to exchange them for store credit or help her find something else she does love. I wish our policy wasn't exchanges only, but in our 10 years of business we have had to switch to this policy do to all the people returning worn clothing. I.e. Buying a skirt for a wedding, wearing it to the wedding then bringing it back for money. This works for huge companies like Costco, but not for small businesses. I can't resell worn clothing.
...After emailing back and forth about our policy she was mad, even after trying to reach a compromise of our policy to show her she was important to us as a customer. She told us she was reporting us to the BBB and writing bad reviews everywhere she could. Why is it we are so quick to run and share the bad experiences but not the good? Rarely do you read positive reviews. Why? People take to the Internet to vent. The reason we have policy is just that. It's a policy we have to stick to and keep in place for us and for our customers.
I really think this online bullying has got to stop. The threats of what someone will do just so they get their way because they don't want to abide by a policy. It's crazy to me and we are teaching our kids entitlement. That if you don't like the rules throw a fit, threaten, ridicule and abuse someone until you get your way. Where did this mindset come from? These last few days every quiet moment I've had I've spent thinking about this particular customer and why she's so angry when our policy is stated online. And why she would would want to slander and prevent others from having a good experience with us. Her mean words or horrible reviews don't and won't change our policy. It's my sincerest desire to make everyone that orders from SexyModest happy. We know everyone doesn't love an exchanges-only policy and I have people that don't purchase from us online because of that. I understand this. But I also have many, many clients that find great peace of mind in knowing that if their purchase doesn't work for them, we will happily exchange it for something that they WILL love.
The reason it's so disheartening to enforce our policy is that when someone agrees to our policy and then doesn't want to follow it, that they would go tell a one-sided story on the internet to intentionally discourage others from even giving me a chance to make them happy. It's my sincerest desire to make everyone happy that orders from SexyModest. At the end of the day it doesn't matter if it's my policy, targets policy, a school policy or any policy. Why do we feel like we don't have to abide? It's like we know, and our kids know, that if we throw a big enough fit people will give you what you want even if we are wrong? It's sad.

Life's hard enough as it is my friends. Let's not make it harder on one another. My New Years hope is that we all try to be a little kinder to one another and make the best of each challenge we face together. That we stand for what is right when we see the entitlement epidemic rear its ugly head online.
I hope each of you know, my dear friends and clients, that I appreciate all your support and your encouragement as it helps me immensely during difficult moments in my life.
I guess it's appropriate to end my small rant with a different twist on the age-old adage that my grandmother taught me,"if you don't have something nice to say...
Communicate, be willing to compromise and try to work it out. If someone else is throwing a tantrum remember there are always two sides to the story, one of which we are not hearing. Let us stand for what's right, help one another gain perspective and not just validate terrible behavior. And of course, where appropriate, don't say anything at all."
Though it's hard work, long days and sometimes sleepless nights...It is one of my greatest joys to serve all of you with our beautiful styles online.
I wish you many blessings in the new year. May you look and feel beautiful, both inside and out, and may 2016 be your best year yet.
Love Always,
SexyModest Boutique

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