After shooting these pics my hubby (yes my cute hubby is my photographer, lucky me:) wanted to try some pics by a river so of course I had to switch to my cute PINK hunter boots!




Skirt: SexyModest Boutique | Black Blazer: Nordstrom, old (similar style here) | Handbag-Valentino Inspired: SexyModest Boutique | Graphic Tank: Forever 21, old (similar style here) |Heels: Jessica Simpson

Boots: Hunter (SexyModest Boutique-Arriving Soon) | Sunglasses: Tory Burch  |Lipstick: Mac Viva Glam Miley Cyrus (limited edition)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Valentines Day. I think it is such a fun Holiday to have shortly after the New Year and just before Spring. My hubby is also such a romantic…unlike me. I’m lucky if I can remember our wedding date. I know it sounds terrible but it is just not my thing. Now that we have 3 little ones we spend Valentines together as a family. We usually do a stay-cation at a local hotel and swim and party together as a little family. I just think Valentines Day is a day to celebrate Love and I don’t think we could fully celebrate the “Love” without all the girlies who make up our family! Sometimes I do think it would be so fun to get all dressed up and have a grown up date night, but there will be plenty of years for that when my kids are older and they are too cool to hang out with us. For now I am soaking up the short lived opportunity where they actually WANT to be with me all the time:) With that being said my cute hubby will usually plan something cute during the day and surprise me with something special like a spa day or lunch. Last year was super fun because I was working and he told me to be ready for lunch. He picked me up and took me to Nordstrom to buy a cute new dress. I guess it’s the little things that make my heart flutter… and maybe the Nordstrom shopping had something to do with that too:) he he

Love, Brig

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