I’m taking a little break from paradise to make a list of my beach bag favorites:)… Sandy toes, sunshine, and salt water are all provided for you… You just need the essentials:)  For whatever reason I get so excited packing for a trip… I mean who doesn’t?!?! It’s like the best thing in the world that we can escape from reality sometimes and relax on a sandy beach with just our thoughts:)  Here are a few of my favorite things:)

1. Ray Ban Sunglasses. These things seriously do not break! Which I need because my “littles” step, sit and dance on my sunglasses. Don’t ask me how… I just know it happens:)

2. Hipanema Bracelets. I LOVE the layered look but hate putting on 300 individual bracelets. These cute things are already layered for you in ONE bracelet. It also has a magnetic closure so it’s super easy to put on and they come in so many different colors and styles!

3. I am obsessed with this swimsuit… I do not own it yet but I had to add it because it is on my “must have” list! So if you buy it first please let me borrow it:)

4.  Sun beam by Benefit. This stuff makes you look like a greek goddess in one dab and rub… I mean with that being said you will want to buy it by the case. No really, it’s a liquid and I dab it on my cheeks for that sunkissed glow and I love it!

5. Everyone must own a rattan beach bag. I mean I just see beach bags and I start to drool:)

 6. I love these ipanema sandals. They are more dressy like a sandal but comfy and can get wet like a flip flop:)

7. And last but not least I love these flash tattoos. They are perfect for a beach vacation. No need to ruin your jewelry in the salt water. And layering these on your arm looks fabulous.

This was just a little peek into my beach bag favorites:) I’ve got to get back to the beach and in the sunshine:)
Love, Brig

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