I realized tonight that we haven't really been properly introduced. 
Hi, I am Jason, my wife Brigitte and I, run SexyModest by day (and by night) and are raising a family in all of our "spare" time (insert HUGE sarcastic eye roll here). We have three daughters, the oldest is 9 and our twinners are 5... I could write you a book about the madness that ensues at our house on a daily basis, but I will save that drama for another post (which promises to be a good read).
Now that we have that out of the way... on to my original thoughts I had for you tonight.
I found myself snuggled up on the couch after putting the little ones to bed. I was staring at the tree which has proven to be my arch nemesis over the years due to what goes into the "production" of setting up this forsaken thing up... I haven't always been a scrooge about the ol Christmas tree until hobby lobby had a 50% sale on the biggest trees ever made sending the females in my life into an all out Christmas frenzy... since that fateful sale, the first of November has brought me yule tide blues as I, once again, drag this big branched, beast from the basement to the living room, talking to it as I struggle up the stairs... "You know I hate you on this day?" The tree reaches out to grab the banister as I climb the stairs so I fall on my face, I know that it does this on purpose...
I eventually conquer the beast and find myself thrilled as I stand and stare at this grand magical thing, I beat on my chest like Tarzan and mutter to myself... "I have made fire" (solid Castaway reference) and for the next 60 nights I stop and enjoy a few quiet moments with a piece of my history... the sights, the smells, the twinkling lights all seem to calm the busyness of life. I smile and feel gratitude that I am alive, that even after having put them to bed 45 minutes ago, I know there will be pitter pattering of little feet, that have to go to the bathroom and are dying of thirst at the exact same moment, whom will break the serenity of this moment. I realize, there will be a day that I will miss these moments... I will wish I could have their little faces come in, jump on me and tell me they can't sleep. Time marches on... and though there are days that hauling the tree of death weighs me down, it's just for a moment, and soon I can stop, breathe and enjoy the journey. Don't forget, as I have done, to take a moment to be thankful for what IS good in your life, because time marches on and the journey is yours to enjoy despite the challenges we all face.
Love Always,
The Fabulous SexyModest Boutique 

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