We had our first snowfall this last week and although I hate the cold...I absolutely love the white crisp snow covering the mountains.  I'm pretty sure I spent last week indulging in hot baths, carmel apple spice and hot chocolate. And I'd be lying if I tried to tell you that I haven't had my Christmas lights up since before Halloween. Don't worry, don't worry I haven't had them on... just up:) Shhhh Yes, I am THAT neighbor who is decked out in Christmas and listening to Christmas music the day after Halloween. I just can't help myself.  Which got me thinking about Holiday outfits and style. If you've picked up any fashion magazine lately or been on pinterest you've no doubt noticed the sequins trend. I love it! It speaks to me:) he he he. A lot of times the problem with buying "Holiday" party outfits is you only wear them once a year.  Well I'm here to tell you that this is NOT the case with sequins. These glittery-glam pieces can be worn day or night, running errands or to that work Christmas party on your calendar. 

A touch of sequins:

If you tend to dress more casual and could never in a million years see yourself wearing sequins pants thats ok. Start of with just a touch of sequins. These tops can be worn with jeans to run errands or lunch with the girls. The best way to get this chic, everyday, effortless "look" is to pair these tops with denim. This will give the casual, "I'm not trying too hard," look. And you will love it:)

Here's a few Everyday Sequins ideas...

View and Own the Cream sweater here.

View and Drool and then Own the Black Sweater here. 

If you want to go all out and Rock the full sequins top or pants, well girl we would be best friends:) Here's some style options for you.

Holiday Party Sequins Ideas:



Black Sweater purchase here: 

Adorable Skirt purchase here:


Sequins pants make for a great alternative to your typical holiday dress they look chic and not over the top. *The most important thing to remember is that your pants should and will take center stage. Don't let other elements of your outfits compete with them. Pair them with simple tops and/or solid-colored blazers. Avoid embellishments and go minimal on jewelry. 


Here's some style options for you:


Purchase sequins pants here:


Purchase sequins top here:

Now turn on that Christmas music, make yourself some hot cocoa and of course, throw on those sequined threads... cause this Christmas you deserve to sparkle:)


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