We ALL know finding a modest dress that fits everything perfectly can be hard! As women, we have such different body types that it can feel impossible to find a dress that fits everyone the same. There is no such thing as the Sisterhood of the Traveling Dress, right? What makes it so hard to find a good fit? While some of us love the plunging necklines, others want to cover as much as possible. Some like everything below the knee and some of us like it a little higher. But one thing I have found is that a MODEST dress looks good on EVERYONE! No matter what your preference is, we can all pull off a super cute dress with high necklines and a little longer hem. Now I’m not saying we should all dress like the Amish- but feeling comfortable and not worrying if your "girls" are tucked in enough, or if your cellulite is about to make its debut, definitely frees you up for more fun!

modest clothing and dresses for women

Have you ever been to an event and either seen or been the girl who had a close wardrobe malfunction? OR maybe you did slip a little sneak peek for the guy at the next table and you were so embarrassed or wished you could have stopped it?!? I’ve been both! It’s easy to do though, right? Especially when you shop online. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bought something online and it fit totally different! I followed the measurement suggestions for sizing, I am pretty close to the same shape as the model, I get so excited that I even pay the expedited shipping! Then, it’s the next day and my doorbell rings! I skip to the door giddy and full of butterflies to open the door- knowing it’s just gotta be my new dress! I open the door and there is the box! Glistening in the sunshine as it sits patiently on my stoop…. I pick it up and hug it to my chest and run like an alien down the hall to my room (don’t judge, you know you do it too). I jump on my bed, I take the scissors I had waiting on my nightstand, I slice open the tape, unfold the box, tear out the tissue paper like it’s Christmas morning, and then I stop.

I let out an appreciative gasp as I see that beautiful thing I purchased online yesterday! It’s even prettier than I thought! I jump off the bed and whip off all my clothes to gently slide into this perfect dress! One leg in… oh, it feels so nice! Both legs… shimmy it up the hips…. One arm, then the other… hmm. Well, gotta squish the “Girls” in a little. It seems to be a little tighter than I thought around the bust… maybe if I take my bra off… slip the arms out… off flies the bra… Squish the “Girls” in and look in the mirror….. OH, MY GOSH!!!!!! WHAT in the…… ok my legs, stomach, and butt look great!!! But what happened to my boobs. I no longer have two… now I have BOOB. Singular! One! Okay, now that’s not gonna work…. I check the size of the dress… Yup, it’s what I ordered… I check the website for their sizing suggestions…. Check! That’s what they suggested I get for my bust size… Okay. What in the world! Not only do I only have BOOB, but boob is sticking out the side in ways I didn’t know it could move…. Long story short, online shopping can be scary and dangerous… You could lose a boob!

So what’s my solution? Dresses I can’t lose my “Girls” in and dresses said “Girls” can’t sneak out of. Modest dresses look good on all body types. And you don’t have to be embarrassed to wear it! Not to mention they are great for any occasion. Red Carpet looks that are modest tend to take my breath away! Dresses where I can see more skin than dress, well let’s just say I wonder who the “Girls” are gonna sneak out to see.

I love a dress that can flatter anyone and make me feel confident, sexy and gorgeous! What about you? Why do YOU love modest dresses?

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