I did an online search the other day. I typed in “Cute Modest Dresses”. A long list of websites and images pulled up…. I first thought “Wow- there are more than I expected.” But as I looked at the images and opened the webpages I found a trend…. Most of the dresses weren’t modest in all areas or they weren’t even dresses.

One page showed dresses that were either knee length and sleeveless, or dresses that had a cute sleeve but were super short or had a high slit. One thing both had… PLUNGING necklines. All of them had these DEEP V necks. The PLUS size dresses at least had length, but the “Girls” were half out on all the models, or the models were wearing trench coats buttoned to the top. There were a very limited number of dresses that I would categorize as modest.

Now I’m no prude, and I, too, like flirty sleeves and different lengths on my legs, but who needs a slit that goes right up to your panty lines? I mean what good is THAT slit gonna do? Do you ever need to bend to get a drink from the water fountain in your office? Well, you may want to brush up on your ballet and do some plie’s instead of bending at the waist or the whole office will get a good look up your slit.  

What happened to clothes we can simply be comfortable in? Who wants to constantly adjust or creatively squat (there’s that plie again!) to pick something up off the ground, from a lower drawer or low shelf? We live in a day and age where fashion is extremely important. It’s often how people size us up and define who they think we are. Are we the “weird” one who wears the same 5 shirts and just mixes up the accessories, or are we the FASHIONISTA who has a new outfit every day? Maybe you are like me and you are the one in between those gals. 

I have a few staple pieces, but what I love to look for are modest pieces that I can feel comfortable in ANY situation, and that I can dress up or be a little more casual and down to earth. I will buy the occasional new piece to introduce and change it up a bit. We all have our FAVORITE outfits. The ones that REALLY make us feel good about ourselves and we tend to wear those a lot. Why not, right? I bet the favorite outfits in your closet don’t include the pieces you have to adjust when you move. I am guessing they are the ones you can move however you want. Heck! You could break out into song and dance without wondering what’s happening with your clothes. 

Where style is important, so is comfort. Breathable, comfortable, stylish and modest clothing really makes you look, feel and act more confident. I LOVE finding CUTE MODEST DRESSES. What about you? What pulls you in to push that BUY button or swipe that card at the store? What attracts your inner fashionista?