Brigitte Brianna High Class Jumper


 The High Class Jumper is made out of our wrinkle free fabric, which is lightweight and so comfortable. This jumper has a modest v neck, elastic waist along with a waist tie that is removable, pockets, and a wide crop leg. It's darling! 


Wash delicate cycle on cold or Hand wash cold. Hang dry.

Fit + Size

Main Pic Model is 5'6 size 2/4 wearing a small.

This dress is extremely high quality, made to flatter most body types. The best general guide for sizing is:

Dress Size 0-4 will be a Small

Dress Size 4-8 will be a Medium

Dress Size 8-12 will be a Large

If you are still unsure or think you could have measurements that make it difficult to determine your size please use our online chat feature, you will have one of our friendly fashion EXPERTS (They own all of our collection and help size hundreds of women of all shapes and sizes get the perfect fit) help get you the correct size.


See complete model's sizing

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