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People of Easter Cards

People of Easter Cards

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“Who’s Who in the Easter Story” card set includes 42 major and minor characters to help your family learn the sacred events from Gethsemane to the Resurrection. They can be printed the same size as playing cards, and can be used in games like Concentration, Go Fish, Old Maid, Charades, or more educational games like 20 Questions. The cards can also be printed larger for use in teaching visuals or as Easter décor. 

Add the cards to an Easter basket or use “Who’s Who in the Easter Story” cards throughout the Easter season to springboard discussion into the people and places of Easter.  “Who’s Who in the Easter Story” cards can help families dive into the scriptural accounts and feel the power of Jesus Christ’s reality in their lives.  Enjoy! HE IS RISEN! 

The digital download bundle includes:

  1. 44-page document with 44 Easter story cards. You can print 9 cards per page, for playing cards size, 4 to a page for slightly larger cards to display, or 1 to a page for larger displays. 
  2. Document: Ideas for using the “Who’s who in the Easter Story” Cards. This includes several game ideas to help people enjoy learning more about the people in the Easter story. 
  3. Document: Additional Explanations & References for “Who’s Who in the Easter Story” Cards. This is a FABULOUS teaching/ learning resource, to help you better understand the individuals on the cards. It isn’t necessary to have while using the “Who’s who in the Easter Story” card set, but it may be helpful. 

This purchase does not include a physical item, it is only a digital download. 

Your download is for your personal use only and should not be shared with others. 

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