Brigitte Brianna Weekender Hoodie and pants in leopard

7 of the latest fashion trends you'll find on SexyModest right now

RIP, skinny jeans.

Thanks to the viral juggernaut that is TikTok, your favorite hip-hugging pairs of denim have officially been put on the “canceled” list by an army of Gen Z-ers who also happen to hate side parts and the laugh-cry emoji. 

Instead, the current fashion trends have swung the pendulum back in the direction of things like baggier “mom jeans” and matching tracksuits.

It’s enough to make you want to laugh...and cry. (If only there was an emoji to convey those feelings…)

But before you throw out all your skinnies and start parting your hair down the middle, remember that trends come and go -- and sometimes they come back! (Again -- MOM JEANS. Who'da thunk?)

Here at SexyModest, we love following the latest looks and style trends, but we also firmly believe in “dressing your truth.” Wear what makes you look and feel your best, regardless of what’s trending out there. (Brigitte’s Mix & Match Collection is designed to make this as easy as possible.)

But if you’re the kind of gal who loves to stay on top of what’s “in,” that’s cool, too! 

We love a good fashion trend as much as the next girl, so we’ve picked out a few SexyModest looks that check all the boxes for what’s currently “in style,” according to the top fashion gurus out there.

Classic black and white outfits

While fashion trends come and go, there’s one look that will never go out of style -- classic black and white outfits. The beauty is that black and white are easy to dress up or dress down and are compatible with virtually any color. 

You’ll find plenty of B&W options in the Brigitte Brianna Collection, but here are just a few of our favorites:

Brigitte Brianna Turtleneck Dress in black

The Brigitte Brianna Turtleneck Dress perfectly illustrates what we mean when we say “easy to dress up or dress down.” Pair this one with your favorite jacket and belt, or just wear it on its own! The Turtleneck Dress comes in both black and ivory, along with five other colors.

Brigitte Brianna Black and White Dress

For a flattering contrast of black and white, the Brigitte Brianna Black and White Dress gives you that hourglass figure look you’ve always wanted. 

Brigitte Brianna Varsity Dress

Want something a little more on the casual side? Try the Brigitte Brianna Varsity Dress -- your go-to for errands, soccer games, or everyday mom-life. 

Pops of bright color

Here’s a fun one. Bright pops of color are not only trendy, but it turns out they can also boost your mood! If looking at these pretty SexyModest dresses makes you feel happy, imagine what wearing them could do for you.

Brigitte Brianna Harmony Dress in mauve

The Brigitte Brianna Harmony Dress adds a cute little “twist” to your style and comes in 8 different colors.

Brigitte Brianna Day-to-Day Dress in tangerine

The Day-to-Day Dress is another one you’re going to want in every color available. This dress is the perfect travel companion or stay-at-home staple!

Matching loungewear sets 

Thanks to all of us spending 99% of our time at home over the last year, the name of the fashion game lately is COMFORT. (That’s why you’ve probably seen loungewear sets and stylish jammies popping up on your Insta feed.)

But loungewear has come a long way, friends. Thanks to the latest styles, women can wear their loungin’ sets at home or in public with PRIDE. These Brigitte Brianna outfits are no exception...

Brigitte Brianna Weekender Hoodie in leopard with matching pants

If you love when comfort meets cute, the Weekender Hoodie and matching pants combo are about to be your new BFFs. But fair warning -- there’s no going back after you’ve tried ‘em out.

Brigitte Brianna Heavenly PJ Set in red brown

No plans? No problem! The new Heavenly PJ set is true to its name -- made from luxuriously soft hacci fabric, these are the jammies you’ll never want to take off. 

Voluminous sleeves and shoulders

With all those virtual meetings lately, you’ve got to make that top half count. These days, playing up your sleeves and shoulders is an easy way to make your outfits feel a little more dressy. Here are some SexyModest tops to get you started…

Brigitte Brianna Ruffle Sweatshirt in mustard

The Brigitte Brianna Ruffle Sweatshirt gives you all the comfort of your favorite hoodie with a stylish, feminine flair. 

Brigitte Brianna Shoulder Ruffle Top in red

A little shoulder detail goes a long way! The Shoulder Ruffle Top adds a playful touch to the traditional long-sleeve shirt.

Pants with plenty of room

As we mentioned above, skinny jeans have been deemed “uncool” by the young fashion mavens of the world. So, naturally, roomier pants are having their day in the sun. (Hey, if it means we can eat more tacos, we’re here for it.)

If you’re looking to ditch your skinny jeans in favor of something with a little more flare, you might enjoy these Brigitte Brianna pieces…



The new Brigitte Brianna Habit Pant really is a dream come true for all the busy ladies out there. These pants seamlessly take you from the yoga studio, to the grocery store, the boardroom, and beyond! If only everything in life were this easy...

Brigitte Brianna Santorini Jumper

If you’re looking for wide-leg pants, why not get a full outfit out of it? The Brigitte Brianna Santorini Jumper is comfort and class all in one. 

Versatile maxi dresses

Okay, by now you’ve probably noticed a theme -- the comfier, the better. And when it comes to dresses, the maxi gets the crown for Comfort Queen. Dubbed the “blanket dress” by InStyle magazine, maxi dresses are loved for their versatility and layering possibilities. (Some people are even wearing them with pants, guys.)

If you need a good maxi, we’ve got you covered with these BB classics…

Brigitte Brianna Wrap Maxi Dress

The Brigitte Brianna Wrap Maxi Dress is sophistication and elegance all wrapped together. Get one in all eight colors!

Brigitte Brianna Splendor Dress in burgundy

For a more formal maxi, there’s the Splendor Dress. This stunningly gorgeous maxi dress will leave you feeling like red carpet royalty.

Low-maintenance clothes that are easy to care for

Now here’s a trend that every momma out there can get behind. With life getting busier and schedules getting crazier, it’s all about finding clothes that ask as little of you as possible while delivering the best bang for your buck in terms of style. 

As usual, Brig is a step ahead of the curb with the Wrinkle Free Collection, which has been making women’s lives easier (and cuter) for YEARS. Fill your closet with a few of these pieces and you’ll wonder what you ever did without them!

Since there are sooooo many great pieces in this collection (including some we’ve already highlighted), we’ll just mention one of our favorite wrinkle-free staples:

Brigitte Brianna Favorite V-Neck Basic Tee

You might recognize the Brigitte Brianna Favorite V-Neck Basic Tee as the shirt that went viral on the internet for being a non-see through white tee. With a modest v-neck, this fully-lined relaxed tee is a wardrobe MUST-HAVE.

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When it comes to finding the right fashion fit for you, there’s no end to the possibilities out there. 

If you want some more style inspo, be sure to download the free SexyModest app and follow along with our live videos each week.

Thanks for shopping with us!

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