About Us

                               Welcome to the FABULOUS SexyModest Boutique! 
We are thrilled that you have found us, and we can't wait to serve you! We LOVE fashion & our team is devoted to helping you find things that will make you look and feel beautiful.  

This girl is the heart & soul of SexyModest... and the janitor, and has surely done every job in-between. She rarely takes time for herself and spends endless hours pouring her heart into making sure her clients feel well taken care of. Helping women look and feel beautiful is what she loves. As much as she loves running SexyModest her family is her priority. If you've ever seen her with her family, it's easy to see it's what she lives for. 
President/ Photographer/#1 Cheerleader
Making our models look SexyModest from behind the camera & keeping Brigitte from pulling all that beautiful hair out, is Jason.  He's our #1 cheerleader. He keeps us all sane while we deal with our frazzle and cray-cray. Trust me, don't be drinking anything when he's nearby as you're likely to have it coming out your nose if he decides to crack a joke. 
Paige (Soon to be Mrs. Paige)
Customer Service - Operations
This beautiful girl has been a part of our family from the moment we met her 6 years ago. Paige has helped raise "the girlies," keeps the house tidy and is NEVER late. Gotta love a girl you can count on! Pay-Pay over-sees that you get well taken care of and your packages arrive much sooner than later!
 The Girlies
 SMB Mascots/Mommies Assistants/FULL TIME - Mess Makers
SexyModest would be 100% easier to run, but 1000% less fun! These 3 troublemakers keep us all laughing, crying and crying of laughter. If you look closely you may find them photobombing our model pics or happily adding their Fruit Loops to your order :-)  
Entrepreneur/ Best Friend/ Avid Gardener
Every successful business owner has that one person who encouraged them to get started. For SexyModest it was this sweet lady here. Brigitte likes to tell the story of when Granny called and said,"Be ready, I'm picking you up in 2 hours!" And off they went to Vegas to the textile market. If you ask Brigitte she would tell you that was the weekend SexyModest was born.