Cute, Comfy, and MODEST Bridesmaids Dresses!

Cute, Comfy, and MODEST Bridesmaids Dresses!

You're looking for a bridesmaid dress! Whether you are buying dresses for your bridesmaids or you are a bridesmaid buying a dress with direction from the bride, These are ALL things you need to consider when looking for cute, comfortable, and modest bridesmaid dresses

 What are you looking for in a bridesmaid dress? Cute (OBVIOUSLY), which also means it's flattering on you! Do a little research on necklines and find the type you feel looks best on you! Do you prefer a super flowy dress, something a little more fitted, OR a dress that's kind of in between? Keep in mind the bride's style! This is her wedding! Another important factor is versatility. You only need so many fancy occasion dresses! Get a dress that you know you will be wearing often, not just the one day! And now that I'm thinking of it, SERIOUSLY consider weather!!!

If you're shopping online it's hard to know whether something is really what they say it is! Are the photos true to color? Is the cut and fit actually what they say it should be? ETC! Always order from reliable and well-known sites! I have to say though, Sexy Modest has passed all of the tests! All the photos are true to color, the fabric is what they say it is! And each style fits any body type. What makes it even better is that they have experts you can chat with online if you have any sizing questions! Because let us be honest, that is probably the hardest part of ordering clothes online! Don't you worry, they totally have you covered :)

With that being said, I've put together some of my favorite dresses of theirs that I think would be PERFECT for a bridesmaid dress! 


The Swing Dress 

Modest Bridesmaid Dress

 The Swing Dress is probably the most popular dress in the Brigitte Brianna Collection! It's so cute and PERFECT for any season!! 

 The Wrap Dress

Modest Bridesmaid Dress

 OK. Can we talk about the PERFECT dress?! The fit of it literally will blow you away! And get this, the top is a faux wrap! So you can kiss all those wardrobe malfunctions away<3 Also can we talk about how big and flowy that skirt is?! *********Imagine what you could hide in there... 

The Mikayla Lace Dress 

 Modest Bridesmaid Dress

BY FAR my absolute favorite of all of these!! I think the lace detailing on the top is seriously just the cutest thing!


The Little Black Dress... 

Modest Bridesmaid Dress

If you're like me you will LOVE this one! It's definitely on the more fitted side. It is so so easy to dress this one up or down! And in the colder months it makes the PERFECT dress for layering! It even comes in more colors than black ;)

The Shift Dress 

Modest Bridesmaid Dress

 This dress really is just darling! And probably as versatile as they come! It really has the cutest shape to it that makes every woman look like dessert! ;)

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