Classy Women, Dresses and Skirts!

Classy Women, Dresses and Skirts!

I know what you're thinking. "Classy women, dresses and skirts totally make sense together" right? 

The dictionary says that class is stylish, elegant or admirably smart. Is that how you would describe it? When I think of class I picture someone walking into a room and capturing everyone's attention, just with the way they hold themselves or the way they look at others with the intent to just listen. Yesterday, I met one of those people. 

Bonnie Cordon, the YW General President. Yes, you sure as heck better bet I fangirled super hard. After I learned who she was lol. 



My sisters with Bonnie in front of the mural. (Nauvoo, Me (Rachel), Bonnie, Sariah, Rebekah)

A little backstory, my uncle (Joseph Brickey) is an artist, a very famous one for that matter (at least in the LDS church). He's been working on a HUGE (20 feet tall 50 feet wide) painting for the LDS temple in Rome, and they're ready to send it! Before they ship it to Rome they wanted to have an open house to give people the chance to see it before it leaves:)

Before I got there I thought maybe 50-60 people would be there, coming and going kind of thing. I soon realized that was NOT the case when I had to park all the way in Narnia. Jk not quite that ;) BUT I had to park a lot farther away than I had expected. Let me paint a picture for you (LOL). This is a warehouse, hot and big and cement. when you walk in through a garage door there is a huge wall with about 3 feet between it and the ceiling, then to your right is about a 5 foot gap between it and the wall. Guys I KID YOU NOT it is overflowing, people trying to get in and out of that tiny gap lol. There is another 5 foot gap on the left side with way less people, so I walk through there. And THIS is what I walk out to. 


CRAZY RIGHT? After Joseph was done presenting his lecture and everyone was mingling, my sister pointed out Bonnie Cordon. If I'm going to be honest, I had no idea who the YW General President was, or looked like. But when my sister pointed her out in a group that was, of course, all focused on her, you can't help but want to be her best friend because she want's to be yours. If you meet someone like that, BE THEIR FRIEND because people like that are hard to find and they are gems! 

Let's talk about Bonnie for a second. What's she wearing? What does it say about her? How do you think she feels in this outfit? I'll let you answer these questions. But doesn't she look classy? And not in a flashy way either! Very simple, but classy. And COMFORTABLE. I didn't see her once adjust her shirt, or pull down her skirt. 

You all know that I am a LOVER of ALL THINGS SEXY MODEST. How can you not be? Brigitte's clothes make you feel like PURE GOLD! Plus they're comfortable enough to sleep in;) One of my favorite dresses from her line is the Day to Day dress, which I am actually wearing right at this second! It's wrinkle free, has pockets and SOO easy to dress up or down, or use however you please. Here's a picture of it so you get what I'm talking about!

Wrinkle Free Summer And Fall Modest Dress

Until next time my lovely ladies <3

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