Modest Church Dresses For Women

Modest Church Dresses For Women

Modest Church Dresses For Women

Going to Church on Sundays means I get to wear a cute outfit and ACTUALLY get myself ready for the day. The worst part about dressing up is trying to find a Sunday Dress that is modest, but cute enough I would actually wear it in public. FINALLY! An online store you can go to every time to find  cute modest church dresses for women! <3 

These are my absolute FAVORITE modest church dresses. They are knee-length dresses with full or cap sleeves and Maxi Dresses that you won't want to miss <3



Modest Church Dresses for Women


The peplum is a slim fitting must have dress in your closet! This modest church dress hugs you perfectly and it's thick fabric keeps you looking fabulous.The peplum detail ads a flare to your dress that your friends won't forget!  

Modest Church Maxi Dress

This dress is the the most darling and comfortable maxi dress you will ever wear. The sleeves and length are perfect for church or really anywhere you're going! The fabric is so soft and breathe-able you'll feel like you're floating away in a cloud. But don't float too far away ladies because you're going to want to come back to buy more colors ;) The way this dress lays and moves with you, people might just think you belong strutting on the runway. 


Red Modest Dress for Church

The pleat dress is the perfect classy dress for church. The pleats on this dress add such a simple detail that looks absolutely darling. It's the same thick flattering top as the swing dress. And of course, the pleat dress has pockets! 


Modest Maxi Dress

This is one of my new favorites when it comes to modest church dresses! The Wrap Dress is absolutely stunning! The skirt of the dress makes this dress elegant yet perfect to throw on and feel incredible. and... drumroll please, It's breastfeeding friendly! This comes in the most gorgeous prints to fit your style effortlessly. 

SHIFT DRESS - One of Our Perfect Modest Church Dresses For Women

Modest Church Dress

This is such a simple classy dress to throw on and go.  I saw this style in London looking at pictures of Princess Dianna. I absolutely love how simple and timeless these dresses are <3 


Modest Dresses

This is my go to dress for everything. I wear this dress to church, to pick up my kids, date night, and especially on vacation! This fabric is so light it's perfect for those hot summer days when you're running around but wan't to be comfortable. I have one in every color because I love how simple this dress is. Pair it with a jean or leather jacket to dress it up or wear it as is with heels or your favorite sandals. Trust me, you will wish you got this dress sooner because it will probably change your life and become one of your favorite modest church dresses for women! lol.


modest church dressesThe Swing Dress was the first dress of my collection and will always be my favorite. If you try this dress on, the high neck, 1/2 sleeve, the thick quality fabric, and the way you twirl in this dress, you'll know why it's our #1 selling dress. This dress is perfect for church! It has such a timeless look that everyone will love. 

These modest church dresses for women may just become your favorite! I hope you feel as beautiful in them as I know you'll look.



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My one year is coming up with my husband and I’m already looking for a dress weeks in advance. 05/05/18 I got married now our date night is right around the corner and I’m looking for a nice dress!!!


I’m a SDA Christian, I’m happy to have a website that
specially designed for women who wants to dress

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