Easy 5 Step Skincare Routine - It's So Fast!

Easy 5 Step Skincare Routine - It's So Fast!

Let's be honest, three are three types of people when it comes to skincare. People who already have an easy skincare routine, people who don't have time to go through all of the steps, or people who have no idea what products to use for a skincare routine.

If you relate more to the first type, we know finding new skincare products that really work while not being full of nasty chemicals is always the goal.

If you relate more to the second or third type of person, you've probably googled "Easy skincare routine for busy moms" before. Maybe that's how you found us!

Our Favorite Organic Skincare Brand

BB Skincare on a White Background

This might not be a shocker, but we're pretty obsessed with the BB Pure Skincare Line. We've used this exact skincare for YEARS and decided to buy the formula and produce it so we could share it with you! It's all natural and is great for our sensitive skin.

Easy Skincare Routine

If you follow this easy skincare routine, you'll have flawless looking skin (with less harsh chemicals) in no time! Every step in this routine (besides sunscreen application) can be done both day and night

Step 1: Facial Cleanser

Facial Cleanser from BB Pure

Before you do anything else use a gentle facial cleanser to wash your face morning and night. Gently lather and massage your face wash in for one minute. Then lightly rinse and gently pat dry. The Balancing Facial Cleanser from BB Pure is extremely high quality and is made from organic ingredients.

Step 2: Facial Toner

BB Pure Balancing Toner

Now that you have a clean and dry face, spritz it with toner. Toner helps prep your skin for your moisturizers as well as other products you apply. Our favorite BB Pure Balancing Facial Toner has a lovely aroma that is very refreshing & calming. Helps visibly replenish skin, restoring a silky-smooth youthful glow that looks as great as it feels.

Step 3: Eye Cream

Eye Cream From BB Pure

Eye cream is essential to any easy skincare routine, but you have to be careful with how you apply it. The skin under the eyes should always be treated with caution because it's thinner and more sensitive than the rest of your skin. 

To apply your eye cream, dab your ring finger in the eye cream and get a tiny amount on your ring finger. Less is more here! Lightly tap the eye cream into the under eye area. Avoid stretching and pulling. We suggest using the BB Pure Eye Cream.

Step 4: Facial Serum

Facial Serum BB Pure

Facial Serum is amazing for tightening & smoothing fine lines. Not only that, but it feels so soothing on the face. Pump 1-2 drops into palm & massage gently into face, neck & décolletage. BB Pure Facial Serum is vitamin-rich with Vitamins A, C, and E.

Step 5: Face Moisturizer

BB Pure Facial Cream

Finish up your routine with a moisturizing facial cream. Gently apply the cream with your finger tips or applicator of choice. The Glo Facial Cream by BB Pure nourishes & replenishes dry skin, leaving it rejuvenated & supple. This cream is wonderful for all skin types & should be used day & night. 

Save this Easy Face Care Routine Graphic

How to do a skincare routine in 5 easy steps.

To make your life easier, we put together this graphic so you'll always know what steps to use when you do your skincare routine. Pin it to Pinterest, save it, or print it off so you always have it handy.

Optional Steps and Bonus Favorite Skincare Products

If you're going to be out for the day, we highly recommend applying sun shield or sun screen after the final step of moisturizer to give your skin some protection from the sun. We love the Sun Shield Cream from BB Pure.

Need some hydration for your entire body? You'll love the BB Pure Hydrate Cream. It's creamy, and luxurious, and a little bit goes a long way.

Have some aches and pains? Try the Soothe Relief Cream. Experience total body relief, with our arnica formula, from tension, stiffness, muscle soreness & daily aches.

Need to take care of some compromised skin? Try the Miracle Calming Salve Stick. It's a truly incredible product that helps to calm & soothe compromised skin. 

Enjoy nature and keep the bugs away with the BB Pure Bug Spray. It's a safe alternative to the harsh ingredients used in most insect repellents. 

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