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10 fashionable fall accessories to add to your wardrobe

Whipped cream and cherries on a sundae. Ribbons and bows on a pretty package. Fresh veggies on a sandwich. Fluffy throw pillows on a couch. What do all these things have in common? They add extra fun and flavor to the main event. And that, friends, is exactly what some good accessories can do for your favorite fall outfits!

Now, there are some items on this list that are your classic fall fashion faves (you can’t have fall without boots, amiright?) but some things here might surprise you. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find your new favorite fall accessory that you never thought of before. 

Bright colors

Apple watch wristband bright colors

We’re going to start things off with something you might not typically expect for this time of the year, yet it’s definitely trending right now: bright colors. (Think: 80s aerobics Barbie.) Maybe it’s because we all want to inject a little more joy into our hum-drum lives as we head into some colder weather, or maybe it’s because bright colors are just plain fun. Whatever the reason for the color trend comeback, this is one you can have some fun with. According to Marie Claire, anything fuschia is really “in” right now. But no matter what accessories you reach for this fall, don’t be afraid to try out something bright and bold!

Big bold earrings

Girl wearing large earrings

Coming hot off the heels of the last one, big bold earrings are the perfect compliment to those bright colors you’ll be donning! Once again, this look seems to be making a statement. And that statement is: “Don’t mess with me. Even my ears are strong.” Just kidding. But they do look strong and confident, which isn’t a bad look to go for. 

Stackable or layered jewelry

Layered bracelet with black gemstone

Mmmm layers… Good in cakes, good in jewelry. Speaking of which, the layered jewelry look is an easy way to “have your cake and eat it, too” if you just can’t decide between one necklace and the next. This trend has been hot for a while now, and it doesn’t seem like it’s leaving anytime soon. Layered necklaces, stackable rings -- it’s safe to say that less is no longer more. Wearing complex jewelry is a great way to mix things up with an otherwise drab outfit or to zazz up an already fabulous one. 

Herringbone jewelry

Kenna Herringbone Necklace

If you’re going for a more refined, elegant look, you might want to hop on the herringbone jewelry bandwagon. The delicate, flat rectangular links woven together are meant to lay flat so as to not kink the jewelry, so maybe don’t take this one out for your morning jog. But it’ll sure make you stun your significant other on your fancy date night! Grab a herringbone necklace and pair it with a similar bracelet and you just might land a guest role in the next season of “The Crown.”

Leather totes 

Brigitte Brianna Tote

Brace yourself for the forthcoming cheesy pun… This next accessory is totes adorbs. (We did warn you.) Fall fashion has long been dominated by all things leather, and aside from completing your outfit, a good leather tote makes life on-the-go a heck of a lot easier. What girl couldn’t use a nice, durable, low-maintenance oversized bag to dump all her belongings into haphazardly? It’s kind of like when company is coming over and you stuff everything in the closet (which we’ve *cough* never done...). Leather totes can store all your valuables quickly and conveniently without any need for meticulous organization. Plus they look ab-fab. 

Concho belts 

Concho leather belt

If the internet is telling the truth, concho belts derive from the Spanish word “concha,” which means “seashell.” But rather than seashells, concho belts typically feature round or rectangular metal pendants that are spaced out evenly. The best thing about these types of belts is that they’re massively versatile and add a great accent to any outfit. Wear them with your jeans, over a dress, or even with a button-up blouse. 

Felt fedoras

Belle Cowboy Hat

In case you don’t have an Instagram account or simply haven’t looked at any pictures of humans in the last couple of years, you should know that felt fedoras and flat-brimmed hats are hotter than habanero salsa right now. If you haven’t tried out the trend yet, it’s definitely time to see what the fuss is all about.

Oversized sunglasses

Oversized pair of sunglasses

Once upon a time, oversized sunglasses were only used by Cheeto-eating celebrities who were trying to maintain a low profile. But no longer! Big shades are all the rage these days and right now it’s all about the giant square-shaped, goggley ones. (You read that correctly. Goggle-y. Not googley. As in goggles.) They’re big, they’re bold, and they might just be calling your name!

Gorgeous scarves

Girl with scarf tied in hair

You can’t have a complete set of fall accessories if it doesn’t include a scarf or two. Yes, that includes the good old-fashioned knitted ones your grandma made, but you should also check out the latest silky scarf styles. Once again, this is an accessory that both looks great and serves the purpose of keeping you warm in that crisp, cool air, depending on how you wear it. Tie one around your neck for a chic bandana, or wear it in your hair to dress up that ponytail.

Western boots


Western Boot


As we mentioned previously, boots are the kings of fall fashion accessories. The only question is what style of boots to get? Uggs? Moon boots? Classic leather? Well, as it turns out, western/cowgirl style boots are really having a moment. So, once you’ve got that scarf bandana in place, complete the look with some cute western boots. You’ll be ready to hit up all those pumpkin patches, hay rides, and fall festivals in style! 

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