Modest Holiday gift guide. Part I of II.

Modest Holiday gift guide. Part I of II.

If you're ANYTHING like me, it is HARD to find gifts for loved ones that we know they'll love!! Plus going to the mall is so busy this time of year... I'd rather just stay home and order things online from my warm cozy couch watching This Is Us, which is, by the way, the greatest show ever made! Go watch it;) 

SO I thought it'd be fun to put together a little dress gift guide for you! Whether you use it or it makes you think of something better to give them... THAT'S GREAT!! If you do think of an awesome gift though please leave it in the comments and share with the rest of us!! 

 First, I want to share the most exciting one with you all. Fresh Start Method. I wish I could express my excitement about this to you all! Basically, it's a quarterly prompt journal thing (best way I can describe it haha). Here's what they say about it "By staying focused on gratitude, writing down daily consistencies and positive affirmations, and centering ourselves on Christ, we can stay on track towards our ultimate goal of progressing each day - while finding joy in the journey." 

I've personally met Amber, the owner, and founder and she is such an inspiration! 

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Next are earrings! It is so hard to find cute unique earrings! But somehow RozieJune has done it!! Seriously the CUTEST variety of earrings you will find! I'm just literally OBSESSED with this little company!  


Modest DressModest Dress

And you all know I love SexyModest Boutique with all my heart!! So here are some ideas! They will OBVIOUSLY come in other colors, but I thought it'd be fun to add some in holiday colors! 

Modest DressModest Dress


Perk Energy

 If you follow along with Brigitte's story at all you know that she LOVES Perk Energy! Well guess what... She got me loving it too!! On the most real level I can ever get on with you guys... it is BETTER THAN HOT CHOCOLATE! I kid you not, this is what gets me up in the morning! 

Target Gift Card

Last, Target. We all love target, EVERYONE loves target! So if you don't know what to get someone... they will LOVE a gift card to target


Stay tuned for Part II!!


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