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Why you should invest in clothes you LOVE

Looking for an excuse to buy a new outfit? GIRL, do we have some good news for you!

Your shopaholic tendencies might be serving a purpose after all because it turns out that clothes can dramatically impact the way you feel on a day-to-day basis.

Of course, you probably knew this already. We’ve all got our “lucky outfits” — our favorite dresses, that go-to date night top, the comfy pair of pants we slip into when we need to take a load off… Whatever it might be!

Well, if you’re in the market for a little confidence boost, a new outfit might be just the thing you need.

Have you heard of “enclothed cognition”?

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No, your clothing carries no inherent power in and of itself. But scientists have actually proven that your clothes can have a big impact on the way you think — and by extension, the way you feel. 

This is all due to a little something called “enclothed cognition.” It sounds like a big, intimidating scientific term, but enclothed cognition basically means your clothes have the power to affect the way you think, feel, and function.

“Enclothed cognition” was a term coined by Hajo Adam and Adam D. Galinsky after a 2012 experiment involving lab coats.

Here’s the gist: A group of people were given white lab coats to wear to perform a task. Half of them were told they were doctors’ coats and the other half were told they were painters’ coats. Interestingly, the group that believed they were wearing doctors’ coats performed their tasks with greater efficiency and attention than the ones who thought they were wearing painters’ coats.

Why? In general, doctors are associated with intelligence, poise, and focus. So those who thought they were wearing doctors’ coats subconsciously took on those qualities. 

Yep. It’s a scientific fact that what you wear matters.

Clothing communicates competence 

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No doubt you’ve heard the phrase, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” Well, there’s no arguing that dressing professionally goes a long way toward empowering you in your career. You probably wouldn’t show up to the office in your baggy sweats and oversized t-shirt. (Unless you’ve got a pretty loose dress code.)

But then again, with more and more people working from home, who’s to say that sweatpants aren’t the new pantsuits? 

Remember — it’s not the clothes themselves that have power. It’s the way you think and feel while you’re wearing them. So if you’re the type of person who can rock loungewear and still feel like a pro doing it, then more power to you! As long as there’s intention behind it, you can wear anything that helps you do your best work.

The right clothes can give you confidence

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Have you ever spent an embarrassing amount of time trying to decide what to wear in the morning? Where you gaze into your closet, rifle through the hangers, sigh, and declare, “I have nothing to wear!”? Welcome to the plight of virtually every woman out there, friend.

See, there’s a reason why we don’t just grab the first shirt and pair of pants we see. Some part of our subconscious understands that whatever outfit we choose will affect how that day goes.

Think about it: How much better do you feel when you KNOW you look good? You smile a little more, you’ve got a liiiiiittle more patience with your kids, you feel a little extra productive. Marilyn Monroe famously said, “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.” Same goes for outfits — with the right ensemble, you’ll be feeling untouchable!

Again, we’re not making this up. 

Robert Ridge, a psychology professor at Brigham Young University, said, “There definitely can be a connection between how people dress and how they feel. The more you like your appearance, the more confident you can be.”

The right clothing can make you a WINNER

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Yes, that confidence concept applies to the gym as well! How much more motivated do you feel to get up early and work out when you’ve got an outfit you can’t wait to wear?

In the case of athletic performance, it’s not only what you wear but the color of what you’re wearing that appears to make a difference. Several studies have found that athletes who wear the color red tend to win more matches/games than others. Athletes who wore red were subconsciously more confident and opponents were more likely to feel intimidated playing against red teams. Apparently, winners wear red.

But there’s also evidence that the color blue is associated with a higher win rate too, so that’s a good backup if red’s not your thing!

Once again, this all comes down to you and what YOU think. Play around with different colors to get a feel for what makes you feel the most confident. (Who knows? Maybe hot pink is the secret to your success.)

The power of fashion and positive thinking

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Here’s the bottom line: What you think affects how you feel. And what you wear affects how you think. So, it’s pretty simple: If you want to feel good, don’t be afraid to look good.

You might think that sounds a little superficial — and certainly there are people who feel confident no matter what they’re wearing. But if wearing clothes you love makes it just a little easier to think positively, why not consider it an investment in your mental health?

It’s worth a shot, anyway!

Dress the way you want to feel

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Looking for your next lucky outfit? Got a hot date coming up? A job interview? A speaking engagement? Whatever’s on your to-do list, clothe yourself in confidence! 

At SexyModest, we’re passionate about helping you look and feel fabulous. When you’ve got clothes that fit well, look great, and help you feel sexy AND modest, you can take on whatever life throws your way.

In the words of our founder Brigitte, you want clothes that “say who you are without saying a word.”

New styles hit the shelves weekly, so come check out all the latest looks at We hope you find the outfit that speaks to YOU.

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