Maxi Dress With Sleeves

Maxi Dress With Sleeves


Maxi dress with sleeves

No you're not dreaming, this is real life! Finally a Maxi dress with sleeves thats darling, almost unreal it's so comfortable, & it DOESN'T WRINKLE!

The new V-Neck Maxi is one of the most flattering dresses in the Brigitte Brianna Collection. This dress is so comfortable you could sleep in it. The second this fabric touches your skin, you'll know, you have officially found your dress soulmate <3 

I absolutely love the 3/4 sleeves on this dress. The lose fitted sleeve ads the perfect touch to this incredible dress. The bottom of this dress drapes so beautifully, it elongates your legs to make you look & feel incredible. Add your favorite heels and you'll be like a tall drink of water lol. The front slit shows off those stunning legs while you walk. I'll be shocked if you don't feel like twirling in this dress! And don't worry, we knew you'd be so busy twirling that you wouldn't have time to button everything on the dress, so we made faux buttons. The V-neck with the buttons create the perfect slim look to make you feel even more fabulous! 

These are like chips, you can't just have one. You'll want this dress in all it's cute colors and prints! 


modest maxi dress

ORCHIDmodest maxi dress NAVY FLORAL

maxi dress

 Just when you thought you were in heaven.... IT GETS BETTER! You can get this darling V-Neck Maxi dress in SLATE, BLACK, & NAVY as well! I am so excited for this release! This maxi dress is perfect to just throw on for any occasion in any season. 

If you hate feeling absolutely gorgeous, confident, and slim, this dress isn't for you. But for those of us ladies who LOVE feeling like that, you will LOVE the new V-Neck Maxi! Can't wait to see how incredible you look! 



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