Modest Bridesmaids Dresses

Modest Bridesmaids Dresses

Who Doesn't Need the Perfect Modest Bridesmaids Dresses?!

Ladies seems like wedding season is always right around the corner and I couldn't be more excited! My favorite seasons (Spring & Summer!! I literally cannot wait) combined with all these cute wedding styles, does it get any better!? I love the color combinations, flowers, and decor that are put together for "The Big Day". And of course, I absolutely love looking at the bridesmaid's dresses! It can be so hard to find cute modest bridesmaids dresses that look great on different body types. Dresses with sleeves, knee length dresses, and cute modest dresses don't have to be hard to find! I mean, look at how absolutely darling these ladies look in our new Peplum dress?!


Modest Bridesmaids Dresses

 I designed these dresses specifically with you in mind. These fabrics are perfect for your bridesmaids! The dresses are thick enough to cover any undergarment lines we don't want on display and more importantly, they are so incredibly flattering! You will honestly be shocked as you put it on. You will be thrilled with our efforts to create a dress you will love. Like always, you'll look cute, comfy, and modest <3


Modest Bridesmaid's Dresses


The Peplum Dress is perfect for a simple elegant dress with a pop. The peplum adds such a cute edge to the dress while covering that tire that we ladies want to get rid of (too bad tacos and sugar are too hard to resist ;) ). These dresses give you the perfect curves. I cannot get enough!

The Swing Dress really is one of my favorites! The thick fabric is perfect even for busty women. The pleated skirt falls so beautifully you'll have a hard time not feeling like a princess!

The Pleat Dress is so slimming and of course... it has pockets! I cannot live without pockets. These dresses have such cute colors and the pleats elongate your torso, making you look even more incredible than you already do! 

Have fun with your modest bridesmaid's dresses! Everyone can wear the same dress and color, or mix up the styles with matching colors. It's a perfect wedding combo your guests won't be able to forget!

See more adorable colors for your modest bridesmaid's dresses at

Post your modest bridesmaid's dresses for a chance to be featured on our Instagram page! Cannot wait to see how fabulous you look!  


Brigitte <3 


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I love how they are dedicated to modest dresses! it’s been very hard to find the right dress that doesn’t show everything off. But they do it perfectly!

Emma Salinas

I love these bridesmaid dresses! Peplum is a really flattering fit. I think it’s fun that there are so many different color options for these dresses as well.

Tanner Anderson

I think that these bridesmaids dresses are so cute! And they’re very flattering which is super nice. It can be hard to find any sort of modest dresses for weddings. It’s definitely worth it though to find a dress that is already modest instead of trying to make it modest.

Tanner Anderson

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