Modest Dresses You Can't Live Without!

Modest Dresses You Can't Live Without!

If you're like me it's honestly so hard to find modest clothing for women that is cute. It can be so difficult finding dresses that are long enough, have the right fabric that is thick enough so you can't see through it, but breathable enough that you don't feel like you're being suffocated by layers. These dresses are here to solve those problems. My favorite motto is just throw it on and go. I don't want to have to pair or layer. Life is hard enough your wardrobe shouldn't have to be. 

These are my favorite MODEST dresses and for so many reasons! They are cute, comfy, Stylish and they are all less than $60! Being a busy/working mom I need dresses with versatility. I can dress them up or wear them as is and I feel great wherever I'm going. Whatever your body type, these dresses are designed to make you feel like a million bucks without having to spend it. These are just a few reason why I love these modest dresses and I know you will too! Ok, who is ready to take a peek... Eeekk the suspense! 

3 Modest Dresses I Absolutely Cannot Live Without!


The Peplum Dress looks AMAZING on all body types. And the pictures above prove just that. Two different body types and they look stunning on both! I love that the slim fit shows all the right curves while the peplum ruffle brings the perfect pop to your wardrobe. And the peplum hides my tummy after I eat all those tacos;) he he Wether you're smaller and want to add some curve or trying to hide a little pouch in your stomach, this is exactly what you need. Whether its your tummy or your arms, the thick fabric holds in all those imperfections we want to hide ;) but it's stretchy enough that you can actually move and chase kids around. I need a fabric that moves with me and this does the trick!

  • How To Style: This look would be great with a cute wedge or strappy heel, a simple necklace, or some fun earrings. And I'm pretty sure I already put the red in my closet for Valentines Day<3

    The Pleat Dress

    The Pleat Dress is one of my favorites!! It has such a flattering straight fit and of course...POCKETS! lol. I love this dress because the top is just like our Swing Dress, but the bottom is more form fitting. With the same fabric as the Swing, it works great even for those with a larger bust. If you want a looser fit that isn't so form fitting be sure to size up on this style.  It looks gorgeous and it comes in many colors that you'll love. Throw this on for church or date night and you're ready to go :) If and when people start to stare, don't worry it's not food in your teeth, (which my husband is ALWAYS lying to me about haha), its YOU IN THIS DRESS! 

        • How To Style: I love to have fun with the different shoe options with this dress. I try close toed heels, wedges, or even a printed heel. And then throw on some cute bangles to dress it up. Try this in our fun colors or my favorite, our new Royal Blue for a darling pop of color! This dress really will drop jaws ladies. I LOVE IT!


    There's a reason the swing dress is our #1 seller! I spent so much time on the details of this dress. I made sure the fabric was the right thickness and more important, the right quality. The fabric on this dress is great for all bust sizes.  The empire waist helps to create shape yet the flow of the dress hides those imperfections, especially for us moms ;) It creates such a classic look. It's perfect for every season and comes in so many beautiful colors. I have this dress in at least 4-5 colors!! I may or may not have a problem... haha I can't help it. I just can't get enough of this Swing Dress. I love the way it falls and that it looks great on EVERY body type! This knee length dress is perfect for events, work, or as bridesmaids dresses! I even wore my white one in Hawaii with my beach waved hair and loved it.

    • How To Style: Pair it with a fun clutch, your favorite shoes, a patterned belt or even a cute coat! You can make this dress as GLAM or a simple as you like. It's perfect for any occasion. Caution: you may feel like an absolute princess in this dress and may actually get dizzy from twirling too much :)

    Can't wait for you to try these darling modest dresses for yourself and fall in Love! I mean who doesn't love cute, comfy, and modest?!?!

    For more of my favorite styles click below. 

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    Love, Brig
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