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Myth or Fact? 7 things you might not know about fitness and nutrition

There’s a lot of health and fitness advice floating around out there, and it can be hard figuring out what’s true and what’s not. 

Like, eggs are either the healthiest things you can eat, or they’re going to be the cause of your untimely death.

Or, suddenly, you’re swapping out your low-fat yogurt for the full-fat kind, because a such-and-such study told you that eating fat is actually an important part of your diet. (But don’t eat too much of it. Because then it will kill you.)

And when it comes to fitness, don’t get us started. How many programs promise a fail-proof, lose-20-pounds-in-2-weeks type of thing that ends up burning more cash than calories? Ugggghhhhh... 

And the list goes on!

The truth is, everybody is different — and every body is different. What works for some people (or even most people) might not work for you, so you should take fitness and nutrition advice with a healthy grain of salt. (Unless you’re trying to lower your sodium intake. Ha!) 

At the same time, there are a few general truths when it comes to health and fitness. Think you can tell the difference between myth and fact? Test your knowledge below! (Feel free to brag in the comments if you get all of them right.)

Cardio exercises are the best way to lose weight

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This is going to potentially blow a lot of minds out there, but this is a MYTH. Don’t get us wrong, cardio exercises are really good for you and certainly will help keep the pounds off. But if you’re strictly doing cardio and only cardio, well, it’s time to change things up. Adding in some resistance/strength training to your cardio routine will make it easier to shed the lbs. 

According to Women’s Health magazine, “If you're looking to tone up while also sculpting muscle, doing a variety of (cardio and weight-lifting), each week is the best way to achieve your body composition and aesthetic goals.”

Strength training will bulk you up

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If you got the last one right, then this one was a piece of cake. Answer? MYTH. No, ladies, WebMD promises that lifting weights won’t turn you into a “She-Hulk.” In fact, increasing your lean muscle tissue will burn more fat in the long run.

You burn more calories running outside than on a treadmill

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This is a FACT. Buuuuut it’s not a super significant amount. Yes, you’ll burn more calories running outside, but researchers say it’s only about 3–7% more. Things like wind resistance and hills (not to mention extreme temperatures on either end of the thermometer) make running outside a bit more challenging. But if you prefer the comfort, convenience, and privacy of an indoor treadmill, you do you, girl! It’s still a great exercise. 

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day

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Okay, here’s where things are going to get a little controversial. The answer? It could go either way! Scientists seem to be divided on whether or not breakfast is in fact the most important meal of the day, or if it’s okay to skip it. The most common argument is that your body needs fuel for the day ahead, and that if you eat breakfast, you’re less likely to chow down on unhealthy things later in the day. However, some people seem to be totally fine not eating breakfast and there’s no significant proof that skipping breakfast is altogether bad for you.

The key here is to make the best choice for you. Listen to your body and decide what feels good to you. (But we’re going to go out on a limb here and suggest that eating a hot apple pie at McDonald’s every morning falls in the “not good for you” category.)

Abs are made in the kitchen

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This is a FACT. Obviously crunches, sit-ups, and other total body exercises are a big help, but you can’t crunch your way to a six-pack if you’re chowing down on Twinkies every day, right? They say weight loss is 20% exercise and 80% nutrition, so if you really want to see some definition in your mid-section, it starts with eating the right things. (And if you are one of those people who can eat Twinkies every day and still rock a six-pack, well… DANG YOU.)

You should consume plenty of carbohydrates before exercise

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Sorry, athletes, but this one is a MYTH. Dr. Ben Bikman, the metabolic scientist who created Brigitte’s favorite protein powder, says your body actually performs better when you use fat as your primary source of fuel instead of carbohydrates.

“When you’ve shifted your dependency, your primary metabolic fuel on the fat, you’re not subject to the highs and lows of glucose. You have that steady supply of fat, which can fuel you much, much longer, 10 times longer than glucose can in the human body,” said Dr. Bikman.

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Skinny = Healthy

This should be an easy one — and it’s the most important thing to remember on this list. It’s a complete and utter MYTH that you have to be skinny to be healthy. “Healthy” comes in all different shapes and sizes. When you feel mentally and physically well, that’s much more important than any pant size or number on the scale. 

The best part about your fitness journey is that it is completely and 100% up to you. You’re the captain in the chair, girl! You get to decide what you’re willing to pursue — and you get to discover what works best for you.

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Here’s to a happier, healthier you!

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