Five Dresses that YOU NEED in Your Life!

Five Dresses that YOU NEED in Your Life!

 When I was a little girl I absolutely LOVED wearing dresses, that was all I would wear! But as I got older I totally grew out of that and you would only catch me in a dress if the occasion called for it. I'm now slowly transitioning back to loving dresses occasionally! Because I'm finding that they are SO COMFORTABLE and (depending on the material) warm!! 

 What changed my mind? Well, I saw the light if you will. DRESSES ARE AWESOME! I've put together a short list of why dresses are so cool. Because we all just LOVE lists don't we ;) 

  • You have an instant outfit without having to coordinate color (I spent 20 minutes this morning deciding if I should mix denims with my denim jacket) 
  • It's literally SO FAST to just throw on and NOT look like you just woke up! Real adult right there... It can totally be our secret.
  • Dresses are so so easy to layer for any kind of weather! 
  • They're great to dress up or down!

Dresses. Are. Versatile. Legitimately, what other reason do you need?! If you really aren't at least a little converted like me, ******let me try a little harder. 

THINK OF YOUR CLOSET. It loves you, and wants you to always look good and feel good! You want a closet that you can go too when you need a little pick me up, one that has substance. When you're buying clothes think of what you already have in your closet and ask these questions: What can I match this with that I already have? Does it fit and is this comfortable? Is this made well (quality)? Is it something you can wear for at least two seasons? How many times will I actually wear this? 

     ***There are TONS of dresses that are the answer to all these questions. But I thought I would share some of my favorite dresses! Yes, they totally are ALL from the Brigitte Brianna collection! 

     The Hooded Sweatshirt DressModest Sweater Dress



    The 24/7 Dress

    Modest Dress



    The Pocket Tee Dress

    Modest Dress



    The Little Black Dress 

    Modest Little Black Dress


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