Modest Holiday Outfits

Modest Holiday Outfits

Trying to find holiday outfits is so hard! Relate much?;) 

So I felt the need to help out a little! All these outfits are EASY and CUTE and COMFY!! Seriously ladies.... I am going to save your LIFE right now! Promise;) Let the Modest Holiday Outfits commence!!!!

First, dresses!! THE easiest outfits that will ever exist!! They're great, you literally just throw it on and GO! And going to the ladies room is that much faster!!

The Swing Dress

 Modest Holiday Dress

Just look at it... It SCREAMS holiday!! Am I right or am I right?? The fabric is so so warm and cozy! And the top is perfect for us bustier girls 😉 It's the PERFECT fit for every body! I have seen so many beautiful ladies put this on, all with different body types too! This is a MUST HAVE for every ladies closet!! 


The Little Black Dress

Modest Holiday Dress 

Ok.... The dress of all dresses!! A MODEST LBD.... Yes, take it in! YOU WILL FEEL LIKE GOLD IN THIS DRESS! Without a doubt! This holiday dress really brings the Sexy to SexyModest 😉 I love this dress so so much, it's probably my favorite dress that I have in my closet! 


The Peplum Dress 

Modest Holiday Dress 

Can you tell I like the more fitted dresses? 😉 But really, my favorite part about this dress is the PEPLUM!! It hides that not so cute pooch that we all have! Such a cute dress!! 


The Wide Leg Jumper

Modest Holiday Outfit  

This jumper is made of my absolute favorite wrinkle free material that Brigitte has in her collection! Seriously the material is to die for! I have like 5 dresses and 10 shirts that are the same material 🙈 It feels like you are wearing pajamas but you're wearing the most classy outfit out of everyone! 


Now to the out fits that you can't just throw on, the ones that take a little more thought to them 😉 


Mix and Match 'Em!!


The Pleated Slit Sleeve Blouse

 Modest Holiday Top

You can't get more festive than this when it comes to tops! It has that peplum designed in the most flattering and intriguing way! I love the fact that it's long sleeved and the slit detail is just the cutest thing! Brigitte is doing it again; putting the sexy in SexyModest! 😉


The Rachel Distressed Jeans

Modest Holiday Outfit 

These are hands down the one pair jeans I wear the most out of all! I LOVE all things black! And the distressing at the knees helps you stay modest:) Not to mention that it's HIGH-WAISTED😱 🤗 No wonder they speak to me... We have the same name! 

I wish SO much that I could share ALL of my outfit ideas with you ladies! But these will have to do for now! Seriously Brigitte's ENTIRE COLLECTION is perfect for holiday outfits and casual too! 10/10 recommend her website! 

Until next time😘


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