SexyModest Team goes to Lake Powell!

SexyModest Team goes to Lake Powell!


My ladies, if I am being completely transparent on here... I have never had employers as generous, thoughtful and fun as Brigitte and Jason Shamy are to me and my wonderful coworkers!  

Back in September, the Shamy family took our ENTIRE team to Lake Powell! There really is just something about spending time with coworkers outside of the workplace to grow as friends, and as a team. And DID YOU KNOW that Brigitte is an AMAZING cook?! She was such a good sport, staying on the boat while being so ill from pregnancy! 

Not only was this trip SO FUN, but also a great learning experience! And that is really why I am sharing this with you. 

1: I LOVE KIDS! I spent most of my time with the younger ones on the trip. Not going to lie, it really made me want some of my own! But alas I am 19... so it'll be a minute lol 

2: Being happy is SO contagious! People around you feed off of your energy. When you are happy and lively, people around you will follow suit and you all are just so happy together! We were ALL laughs and giggles during this trip! And even months later, it carries on into the workplace :) So today, nay ALWAYS... be happy. 

3: I. Love. My. Job. And all that comes with it! Brigitte started out as a sweet boss of a company I knew little about, and now she is one of my closest friends, along with her sweet family! No longer do I go to work because I live the adult life now and have to pay bills, but because my job is a blessing! The people you see in this video... Every single one of them are amazing souls. I'm actually tearing up a little just thinking of the enormous amount of love that I have for every single one of these individuals. AND I GET TO WORK WITH THEM!! 

4: Jason Shamy is maybe the most interesting person I have ever met... and probably will ever meet if I'm being honest haha. But he is also very smart with a camera! Look what he taught me to do!!! Yes, that's the galaxy AND I took that photo. Totally cried when I saw the back of my camera! Lake Powell  

Now, this video is not to tell a story, and odds are this video wont make you laugh and pull at your heart strings nearly as much as it does for me. It is more to document our lives. Someday our kids, grandkids, great grand kids (you get the picture) will see this, and know that we weren't always old and boring ;) I hope you enjoy this very long video that I made. And not only that, but I hope it sparks a desire to start recording YOUR lives! It doesn't have to be videos, it can be pictures, journaling etc. but do SOMETHING to record your life. Because even months later, watching this now makes me smile:)


Until next time,

 Rachel :) 

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