Cute LDS Modest Dresses from Sexy Modest

Cute LDS Modest Dresses from Sexy Modest

Modest LDS Dresses from SEXYMODEST 

I have been asked many times why I have chosen to focus on designing modest dresses, it's largely because I'm LDS, some people know us as The Mormons (Which is just a nickname) When you hear that someone is LDS it actually stands for being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. hahah I know, It's a mouthful. Ok, back on track here, I have always believed in modesty. I know that it is considered an important value in my faith and in many other faiths as well Modesty is the reason started. I've always loved clothing and been fascinated with design... If you saw my closet you'd see proof of my love for clothing, but then again... I need to clean it so I'll spare you a tour of my hot mess. Anyways, I started noticing that it became harder and harder to find modest dresses or I could find modest clothing, but it wasn't very cute. I could also find pieces I thought were cute, but I would need to layer to make them work. I can't stand that. UGH!

I started designing my own styles that I felt like were fashionable. I also wanted them to be high quality, cute, comfy, and modest! I don't feel like anyone should have to look frumpy or be uncomfortable to dress modestly. It is also important for me to be an example to my 3 girls in how I dress. I don't dress modestly because I have to. I choose it. I feel prettier when I dress this way. I want them to see that I value it. I want them to see I love and respect my body in this way. I want them and you to know that, in my opinion, we don't need to compromise modesty in order to look and feel beautiful. SexyModest baby! Every time someone tries to tell me differently or that SexyModest is an oxymoron I think to myself, they are probably suffering from a taco deficiency. I don't judge, I know exactly how that feels. hehehe. 

It is my great honor and I absolutely love that my clothing designs have helped women feel beautiful without compromising their modesty. Whether you need an outfit for church, a wedding, family pics, work, or those highly anticipated date nights where you get cute and dress up, I promise to keep making sure has you covered with all the modest dresses and tops you love. My team and I love delivering 5 star client service. We hope you expect it when you visit us. 

LDS Modest Dresses from Sexy Modest


At Moms, adults, teens, and young girls can dress modestly for any event and look totally adorable! These flattering quality fabrics and styles look great and come in so many gorgeous colors. I want to welcome you and hope you have a fabulous time looking around our site. Our online chat service is available 16 hours a day, so if you have any questions just fire away! I sincerely hope you find something that, every time you put it on, makes you feel beautiful. It's what my team and I live for.  




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