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Trendy Modest Women’s Clothing - 7 Outfits You Need In Your Wardrobe

Searching for trendy modest women's clothing can be a nightmare. Not anymore! SexyModest Boutique makes finding clothing for modest women fun! Check out these 7 modest outfits you NEED in your wardrobe!

Where to Find Trendy Modest Women's Clothes

Going to a mall searching for a cute modest women's outfit was a disaster. Googling all variations of modest clothing like, modest clothing women, modest women, and modest clothes stores is not much better. You'll find some options, but will you find cute and trendy modest women's clothes? Maybe. 

Why risk it when we're your one stop shop for all thing women's modest clothing! Even better, did you know our Brigitte Brianna line of clothing is designed AND manufactured in the US AND we strive for a 5-star customer service experience? Basically, shopping with us is a win-win! So let's check out....

7 Modest Outfits You Need In Your Wardrobe

Let's be honest, there are waaaaay more than 7 outfits in our shop that we think you need in your wardrobe, but we can't feature all of them in one blog post. So we'll share some of our favorites.

Aloha Pants

Aloha Pants Modest Bottoms for Women

We're literally OBSESSED with this entire outfit! Our Aloha Pants paired with a cute top, kimono, and heels is what dreams are made of!

Lime Aloha Pants

Don't want the added layer of a kimono? No problem! Grab some cute shoes and your favorite top and you'll be lookin' good! 

Monaco Dress

Monaco Dress

We're obsessed with the Monaco Dress! The fabric molds to your body shape while still giving plenty of structure and stretch for comfort! It comes in several colors and pairs well with a variety of different shoes. Talk about the perfect trendy modest outfit!

24/7 Dress

24/7 Modest Dress in Denim Blue

When it comes to modest women's clothes, the 24/7 Dress is a tried and true favorite! It's made out of soft t-shirt style material and has ruching that is ultra flattering! We love the above modest outfit with wedges, a hat, and a cute jacket!

24/7 Dress by Brigitte Briana

We also love how easy it is to have a trendy casual modest outfit by pairing it with a denim jacket and tennis shoes. It's such a versatile dress!

Skyline Skirt

Skyline Modest Skirt

Is there anything cuter than this Skyline Skirt paired with our Ruched Sleeve Top? It's trendy, modest, and adorable!


Cute Jogger Modest Outfit

We. Love. Joggers so much! They can be cozy or dressy depending on what you wear with them. So if you're looking for a super versatile trendy modest outfit joggers might just be your new best friend! 

For more tips and tricks on what to wear with joggers, check out this post.

Trendy Modest Women's Clothing Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, the most important tip when finding trendy modest clothing that you'll love is to make sure YOU feel comfortable and confident in it. When you feel good about what you're wearing, it will be noticed. 

We're curious, what are YOUR favorite trendy modest outfits? Let us know in the comments below!

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