Unique birthday gift ideas your girlfriends will love

Unique birthday gift ideas your girlfriends will love

Girl blowing out birthday candles on cake

Ladies, before you know it the holiday shopping season will be upon us. But long before that season arrives, there’s another one that requires thoughtfulness and creativity when it comes to gift-giving: birthday season!

Here’s a fun fact for you: Did you know that September is the most common month for birthdays? (It makes sense, really. There’s just nothing else to do in January.) 

That means you likely have some b-day celebrations coming up, and unless you’re one of those people who always finds the *perfect* gift with little or no effort (curse you...), you’d probably appreciate a few tips — especially when it comes to buying gifts for your girlfriends.


Well, let’s see… When you ask your bestie what she wants for her birthday, what does she usually say? “Oh, you don’t have to get me anythingggggg…” LIES. Do not fall for this. You know she wants something! 

The best gift is one that communicates how well you know her, not just something off Amazon’s list of staff-picked favorites. (Unless she’s really into candles and jewelry with salty sayings engraved on them. Otherwise steer clear.)

While it’s up to you to determine what your best gal pals would enjoy most on their special day, we feel fairly confident that you’ll find at LEAST one thing from the list below that will be a hit. (You might even want to do a little birthday shoppin’ for yourself…)

From fashion favorites to fun festivities, we’ve got some killer birthday gift ideas for you, girl!

A little luxurious pampering she can enjoy at home

PB&K Bath Bomb

When you’re in a pinch and you *really* don’t know what to get your lady friends, what do you do? That’s right. You buy them something that smells amazing. Perfume, body wash, essential oils, lotion, a box of fresh donuts… they’re all pretty safe bets. 

But here’s the problem — women get SO many of these gifts on a regular basis that they often end up as backstock in the bathroom until the next girlfriend’s birthday rolls around. (Be honest. At this very moment you have a drawer overflowing with lotions and sea salt scrubs, don’t you?)

Colorful group of bath bombs

If you really want to set yourself apart in this category, get her something that blows the rest of those bath salts and body scrubs out of the water. Get her a luxurious, soft-as-butter, handmade bath bomb that smells even more delicious than it looks. Seriously — even ladies who aren’t the bath bomb types will be quickly converted after soaking in the tub with these beauties. 

“This is the only place I will buy bath bombs. The oils in the bath bomb make your skin so so so soft. You can see the oils in the bath water. All the scents smell great too!” — Mary H.

The last makeup bag she will ever need

Cosmetic Case in Holly Berry color

How many hours of your life have you spent digging through your makeup bag to find the right brush, eyeliner, tweezers, etc.? Did you know that endless makeup bag scouring accounts for at least 25% of gray hairs and 50% of fine lines and wrinkles in women? (Not a proven statistic, but it’s probably true.)

It really is time to put a stop to the madness. Show your best girlfriend that you truly see her by ending her daily beauty routine frustrations with this gorgeous cosmetic case. With dedicated pockets and elastic bands for all your makeup essentials, this bag truly is the last makeup bag your friend (or you...wink, wink) will ever need.

“There really isn't enough words to say how much I love this bag. I've taken it on 2 trips so far this year, and it's the best travel bag. Holds everything, in my favorite color. I just love it!!💕💕” — Alethea T.

A magical bag that holds it all

Woman in red dress wearing a white cross-body purse

We’re not talking Mary Poppins-level magic here, but this cross body purse comes pretty close. You won’t believe all the stuff you can fit into this stylish, small, yet roomy bag. It’s big enough to hold a regular, full-size wallet AND diapers and wipes for the traveling moms out there. It’s functional, fashionable, and it comes in three equally gorgeous colors so you can mix and match with every outfit. You’d be hard pressed to find a woman who didn’t love it.

“I LOVE this bag! It is the most high quality AND functional crossbody I have owned. Not only can I carry all my essentials in it but also diapers and wipes for my baby without it feeling bulky. This is my go to bag for everyday!” — Elizabeth S.

Clothing that makes her life easier

Women wearing graphic tee with mauve joggers

At the risk of sounding ridiculously stereotypical, we’re just gonna say it: Girls love clothes. Think about it — Do ANY of your girlfriends ever say, “Well, that’s it for me. I’m set for life and need never shop again....”?  We didn’t think so. 

But instead of opting for those fast-fashion choices that come in and out of style and fade after two washes, why not get her something beautiful and high-quality that will actually simplify her life? Buy her some gorgeous wrinkle-free pieces that she can mix-and-match super easily! She’ll look great, she’ll feel great, and she may never need to iron again. That’s the ultimate dream.

“I have the joggers in 3 colors (someday I will have them in every color) and I love them. I think they are hands down my favorite piece from her line. I literally wear them all the time. They are so comfy, easy to dress up or down...and NON WRINKLE! These are my go to travel pants and I love that you can wad them up in your suitcase and not worry about ironing them the next day.” — Katie F.

A one-of-a-kind girls night out (with shopping!) 

Group of women posing for a photo

Okay, ladies… If there’s one thing on this list that might have the power to outdo everything else, it’s this one. We saved the best for last!

Honestly, what could be better than a night out with just the girls — aaaaaand a bunch of shopping to go with it? (Answer: Nothing. Nothing is better.) This one takes the cake on all the gifts listed here because it includes most of the items listed above. 

Grab your besties a ticket to Brigitte’s Favorite Things Girls Night Out Pop-Up Shop happening Oct. 1 and get ready for a fun-filled, fashion fest you won’t soon forget! For a few blissful hours, you can take a much-needed break with the ladies in your life to try on beautiful clothing, get your Christmas/birthday shopping done, and enjoy a whole host of surprises — which we won’t spoil here...

There’s just nothing like some quality girl time, but when you add cute clothes and fun gifts into the mix, you absolutely cannot go wrong! Tickets to this one are selling fast and space is limited, so make sure you save you and your girls a spot ASAP. Trust us — you won’t want to miss it.

Get your tickets here and we’ll see you there!

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