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Brigitte's TOP 10 travel essentials

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Let’s imagine your husband comes home early on a Friday afternoon and says, “Babe, pack your bags because I just booked us a weekend getaway to (beautiful, exotic destination) and we’re leaving in ONE HOUR!”

Are you:

1. Excited?


2. Utterly panic-stricken?

Sure, we all love the idea of spontaneously jet-setting off on a romantic adventure, but let’s get real. We ladies aren’t going anywhere until we’ve picked out the right clothes and squared away the essentials.

(Jump on a plane without my favorite sanitizing wipes and neck pillow?? Get outta here!)

Nothing can take the air out of your wanderlust quite like the daunting task of deciding what to pack. So we thought we’d share our founder Brigitte’s favorite travel essentials to make your vacation prep a breeze! (She knows a thing or two about what it takes to travel well.)

As with all things SexyModest, these items are designed to keep you comfortable and covered, no matter where you’re headed.

BONUS: Many of the clothing items on this list are wrinkle-free, which means you can stuff them in your suitcase and pull them out ready to wear! Who wants to waste precious vacation time ironing, anyway?

So if you’re planning to hit the road soon, here are 10 Brigitte-approved travel essentials for a hassle-free getaway.

(To save some time, we’ve left out the *obvious* things like “underwear” and “toothbrush” -- but we certainly hope you’ll pack those, too. 😊)

A cardigan that goes with everything

Brigitte Brianna Lifestyle Cardigan

Cardigans may just be the best clothing invention of all time. (Taylor Swift wrote a whole song about one, if that tells you anything.) As a classic layering piece, cardigans make it easy-peasy to transform an outfit from simple to chic. 

But Brigitte’s lightweight, bum-covering, non-wrinkle Lifestyle Cardigan might just take the cake for the ultimate cardie. Designed for women on the go, you can pair this with a blouse and jeans, or even throw it on over your activewear! And did we mention it has pockets? Utter perfection.

A tee that can keep up

Brigitte Brianna Motion Tee

If you’ve been on the hunt for the perfect travel top, the Brigitte Brianna Motion Tee has everything you need to stay cute and comfy on the road. With a crew neck and super soft, lightweight fabric, this tee can take you anywhere. Wear it to the gym, on a road trip adventure, or even to bed. You’ll never want to take it off!

Active leggings for everyday comfort

Brigitte Brianna Active Legging

Why drop a load of cash on high-priced leggings when you can have a pair that’s equally comfortable for a whole lot less? That’s what our customers are saying about the Brigitte Brianna Active Legging. These beauties are breathable and lightweight, perfect for any activity. Plus, they also pass that all-important squat test! (Because the world really doesn’t need to know the color of your underwear.) 

Active leggings make great travel companions because they’re high-waisted and ridiculously comfortable. So they’ll accommodate all your favorite vacay meals AND help you work them off later if you want. Win-win!

A dreamy top for a night on the town

Brigitte Brianna Daydream Top

The Daydream Top works great dressed up or down, so you can make it as casual or classy as you like. As part of the Mix & Match collection, this top goes with all of your favorite jersey pieces (even the jammies). 

But if you’re the type of gal who likes to sneak in a fancy dinner when you’re on vacation, this top won’t let you down. Pair it with a skirt and no one will ever guess you’d also wear this to bed!

A simple skirt for running around

Brigitte Brianna Runaround Skirt

Nothing says “easy-breezy” like the right skirt when you’re traveling, and the Runaround Skirt lives up to its name. Its soft jersey fabric and side slits that begin at the knee make this an easy grab ‘n go choice for women on the move. 

Pair it with your Daydream Top or any other jersey fabric to make it fancy or casual. Whether you're sitting on a subway, dining at an outdoor cafe, or lounging on the beach, this is the skirt that can take you anywhere.

A versatile blouse to mix it up

Brigitte Brianna Blouse Tee

In case you haven’t picked up on the theme, we’re all about versatility here. If a piece of clothing can serve several different purposes, well, then it’s a winner. That’s why, with nearly 500 glowing reviews, the Blouse Tee continues to be one of the hottest sellers on

With a modest v-neck and rolled cuffs, this wrinkle-free closet staple is also a must-have for your travel suitcase. Dress it up with a skirt or wear it casually with jeans -- this blouse has got your back for whatever you need.

Mid rise pants that give you plenty of room

Brigitte Brianna Mid Rise Pant

No suitcase is complete without the right pants. And if you’ve kissed your skinny jeans good-bye to appease the Gen-Z TikTok-ers, we have the perfect replacement for you: Brigitte Brianna Mid Rise Pants

These pants make great travel companions because they go well with all the tops we’ve listed AND they’re wrinkle-free! With an elastic waistband, drawstring tie, and pockets (woot!) they really are the dream. (Bring on all those vacation treats!)

Luscious lip balm to keep you smiling

Coconut Lip Balm

Now that you’ve got your basics covered with clothing, it’s time to think about other comforts you’ll want for the road. Since the last thing you want is for chapped lips to put a damper on your fun, lip balm is a MUST. But not just any kind of lip balm will do...

If you’ve ever wondered how Brigitte’s lips look so plump and hydrated in her Insta stories, it’s thanks to her favorite coconut lip balm. This baby’s primary ingredient is pure coconut oil, harvested and cold-pressed straight from Tonga, so you’re getting the best of the best. (It’s also about 3x bigger than your average chapstick, so it might just last you through several trips this year!)

The ideal cosmetic case

Brigitte Brianna Cosmetic Case

A girl’s gotta have her favorite cosmetics on the road, so why not a quality case to go with them? Brig designed this cosmetic case to house all your makeup essentials as conveniently as possible! Protect your brushes and store all your go-to products in perfectly divided pockets. You will literally not want to leave home without it.

Something to tote it all around

Brigitte Brianna Tote Bag

Finally, you can’t exactly run out the door without something to carry all those essentials in. So to cap off the list of travel faves, we give you the Brigitte Brianna Tote Bag. You might be wondering what sets this tote apart from the rest and the answer would be one word: pockets.

As one adoring reviewer put it, “The tote is well made, but the game changer for me is the pockets. They are perfectly accessible for phone, keys and sanitizer and the rest of the bag is huge and open.” 

Want the easiest packing experience ever? Shop the Wrinkle-Free collection!

And that’s how Brig makes traveling look easy! Take these 10 items with you on your next trip and you’ll be sitting pretty -- or standing, or dining, or adventuring. Whatever’s on your itinerary. 😊 

For an even wider selection of hassle-free travel items, check out Brigitte’s Wrinkle-Free collection and find the look that fits you best!

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