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Calling all ladies who love SexyModest!  

We have been working our buns off and are so excited to show you the new and improved SMB Ambassador program. Becoming a SexyModest Ambassador is more than just sharing clothes you love. It is about creating a lifestyle and spreading our message that women can be stylish, modest, and comfy all at once. You can own a business without the hassle of employees, scheduling, or overhead, and you’re doing it all from your home, your favorite vacation spot, your kid’s room, wherever it’s convenient.

All you have to do is share your favorite SexyModest styles with your friends, which most of us do anyway.. Whether it be an Instagram story, Facebook post or a cute pic on your blog, you can earn an income by selling clothes and styles you love to those you love. SexyModest Ambassadors receive an online portal account to check commissions, get marketing assets and find out about SexyModest Events near you. Then as friends and acquaintances start to use your ambassador link, you will receive a gift card to buy more goodies. Getting started is zero cost to you. You have absolutely nothing to lose, but you DO have cute clothes and an important message to share. Simply wear, share and reap the benefits of #SexyModestStyle.

How It Works

Ambassador Application

Step 1:

Sign up as a SexyModest Ambassador by filling out a short questionnaire about yourself.  After that, you’ll be redirected to our online portal to sign up.

Ambassador Application

Step 2:

It can take us up to 48 hours to process your application, so while you wait, follow @SexyModestAmbassadors on Instagram, and request to be added to our exclusive Facebook group.

Ambassador Application

Step 3:

Use your gift card/discount code, share with your friends, and grow your business! We will be there to help you every step of the way. Get commissions from all of your sales and surprise bonuses each month!



Join us now to #BeSMB

Now that you know what we stand for, are you ready to be a SexyModest Ambassador? Let's do this!

 Start HERE.  We can’t wait to have you join our SexyModest Ambassador family! 

What We Offer



The Brigitte Brianna Collection is inspired by, and made, for YOU! It was designed to be trendy, comfortable, and sexy, all while being modest. Whether your day-to-day takes you to middle school carpool and the grocery store, or a fancy date night, SexyModest is for every one of your moments. Our ambassadors have the opportunity to share their savings with women just like them, while spreading our message. Each Ambassador is unique in their own way and that is why we want YOU spreading our message, so that we can show women across the globe what it really means to be comfy, cute, and modest.