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10 ways you can make yourself like winter (if you didn't already)

Some people live for wintertime. The first snowfall brings a tear to their eye. 

And for some of us, the first snowfall also brings tears to our eyes — but for different reasons. 

If winter were a Starburst, it would be yellow. 

If winter were a car, it would be a Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible. 

If winter were an actor, it would be Nicolas Cage.

None of these things is inherently bad — it just takes a special kind of person to appreciate them.

But life is too short to waste it dreading an entire season of the year. So, what’s a winter-hating person to do?

First, let’s discuss the main reasons WHY you might not be enjoying yourself so much during the winter months. Then we can tackle the antidotes to each of these drawbacks one by one.

Reasons people hate winter:

    1. The cold. 
    2. The darkness. 
    3. Lack of interest in winter sports or activities. 
    4. It feels like it lasts forever. 
    5. Did we mention the cold??
    6. Driving in the snow. 
    7. Cold and flu season. 
    8. Shoveling. 
    9. Nothing terribly exciting happens.
    10. It's just. So. Cold. 

Woman wearing hoodie and scarf in cold weather

There may be other reasons (like the fact that nothing good comes to movie theaters until April), but this list is a pretty good compilation of the universally-loathed aspects of wintertime. 

And now that we’ve clearly identified the issues, now it’s time for the best part: the solutions. 

Give each of these little winter tips and tricks a try and who knows? You might even become a fan of the frosty season once you’re done! (Or at least you and the chilly weather can learn to peaceably coexist.) 

1. Try out the Danish art of Hygge

Hygge book on blanket with candle and warm drink

Did you know that people in Denmark don’t just tolerate the winter? They actually look forward to it! And that has a lot to do with a little practice called “hygge” (pronounced “HUE-guh”). The basic idea behind hygge is that you do whatever you can to create a warm, cozy, inviting atmosphere. (Think: basking by a fire, wrapped up in a soft blanket, sipping something warm, etc.) Really, anything that gives you that “warm ‘n fuzzy” feeling is on the table. That includes spending time with loved ones, lighting good-smelling candles, baking tasty treats, and anything else that brings joy into your life. It’s self-care at its best!

2. Take some midday walks (or hikes)

Person hiking on snowy trail in mountains

It’s true, there’s not as much sun this time of the year, but rest assured — it’s still up there! You just have to take advantage of any opportunity you get to have a little facetime with the big, bright ball in the sky. Talk a little walk on your lunch break or go for a midday hike during the weekend. And if you really can’t catch those rays in real-time, invest in a good light therapy lamp and make sure to consume plenty of vitamin D!

3. Go swimming

Woman floating on back in a swimming pool

Wait, what? Swimming? In winter? Yes! Just not outdoors. (Unless you’re a fan of hypothermia.) Think about it: People usually associate swimming with summertime. Well, what if you could trick your brain a little by taking the kids to your local gym and recreation center and enjoying their indoor pool? (Better yet: spend a night at a hotel and enjoy the pool there. Much more of a novelty.) Sure, you could keep trying different winter sports. But if it’s just not your jam, stick to what you love!

4. Have something to look forward to

Calendar with red pushpins

Life can easily start to feel a little like the movie “Groundhog Day” when the days are darker, colder, and a little repetitive. To break free from the monotony, it helps to have something on the horizon. It might be something simple like a little girls' night out once a month (or once a week!) or it could be something bigger — like a concert or a vacation. Try to inject a little novelty into your weekly routine. Go out to your favorite restaurant. Hang out with an old buddy. Treat yourself to a massage. Just do something you’ll be excited about!

5. Try a new hot drink 

Perk Chill Drink

There’s nothing wrong with a packet of Swiss Miss if that’s your thing. But you’ll have a lot more fun if you branch out and try some new hot drink flavors, like Perk Chill’s Caramel Apple Pie A la Mode or Chocolate Salted Caramel Pretzel. Mmm. 

6. Get winter tires

Shot of car tire on snowy road

Yeah, driving on snow, sleet and ice can really bring out the white knuckles. That’s natural. And while there’s no stopping Mother Nature when she decides to break out a storm, you can take a few steps that will give you peace of mind when inclement weather strikes. One of the best things you can do is get winter tires for your car. (Yes, even if your car has four-wheel drive, you still need to invest in quality snow tires. Also, keep in mind that “all-season” tires aren’t the same as winter tires. The tread is different.)

7. Work out

Woman doing sit up

At this point, you already know the basics of good hygiene (frequent hand washing, not touching your face, avoiding sick people, etc.). But if you want to give your immune system — as well as your mental health — a boost, move your body! Find time to exercise a little every day, even if it’s just for a few minutes. That way, if you do fall victim to one of those nasty winter viruses, perhaps they won’t be quite as nasty.

8. Shovel your neighbor’s driveway

Person removing snow with red shovel

Very few people actually love shoveling. And as much as you hate it, your neighbor probably hates it just as much or more. One good way to take your mind off your own misery, though, is to look beyond yourself and use each storm as a service opportunity. Shovel your neighbor’s driveway or walkway and then enjoy the look of sheer gratitude on their faces once they realize what you’ve done. Service does the heart a lot of good.

9. Take a vacation

Woman sitting in a chair on a beach

Who says you have to stick around for the full 3–6 months of wintry cold and darkness? Just as a little break now and then from the people you love most helps you love them even more, a little “time out” from the cold might help you brave it a little better when you return. Pick a warmer destination — even if it’s only for a couple of days — and hit the road to recharge in the sun. This also checks the box for #4, too!

10. Go on a winter clothing shopping spree

Woman wearing long sleeve top with leggings and a beanie

Okay, here’s one more way to combat those dreaded frigid temperatures. The Scandinavians have a saying: “There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.” Ladies, maybe all you really need to inject a little life into those darker, chillier days is to treat yourself to a new, comfy, cozy, winter outfit!

There are certain closet staples every woman should have to see her through until springtime:

In fact, a carefully-crafted winter capsule wardrobe can be one more thing to look forward to when the chilly months roll around. Find all your cold-weather clothing essentials on and the SexyModest shopping app!

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