5 tips for a healthy holiday body you will LOVE

5 tips for a healthy holiday body you will LOVE

Do you want to FEEL good this holiday season?

Do you want to LOOK good in that pretty dress you’ve been eyeing?

Here’s a crazy, life-changing idea for you: start taking care of your body … RIGHT NOW.

Imagine that instead of making “Lose 5 pounds” your perpetual New Year’s resolution, you could choose something like, “Read more books”?

Even with the holiday season -- especially during the holiday season -- it’s a good idea to treat your amazing body with a little extra TLC. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy one or two of Grandma’s famous gingerbread cookies, but having a gameplan BEFORE the sweets start rolling in can help you stay ahead of the curve (no pun intended).

Here are a few easy tips for having a happier, healthier holiday this year.

Be intentional about your choices


Stop -- we repeat -- STOP beating yourself up about enjoying some good holiday food! If you look forward to that Chick-fil-A peppermint shake all year long, then treat yo’ self, girl! But here’s the thing -- don’t just “go with the flow” when you’re feeling a holiday craving. Tell your body the plan: On Friday night, Momma’s gettin’ a shake! 

When you make an intentional plan, you’ll be less inclined to chow down on spontaneous calories -- which have a way of adding up during the holidays.

Focus on ADDING, not taking away

Humans, as you know, love when restrictions are placed on them in any capacity and generally respond in a favorable manner when limitations are imposed... said no study ever. 

When you’re focusing on what you’re NOT going to be eating this holiday season, that’s setting yourself up for failure. Instead of saying, “I’m not eating this, this, this, and this…” try, “I get to eat whatever I want -- and I’m going to focus on these healthier options…”

There’s a whole wide world of good food out there that won’t sabotage your health plans, friends. Eating healthy can be an enjoyable experience!

Wear clothes you love

Okay, sure, you might expect us to say something about clothes, but there’s a real benefit to this one, we promise! When you feel confident in the clothes you’re wearing, it’s a huge motivator to get moving and hit the goals you set for yourself. 

The good news is that when you shop the Brigitte Brianna Collection, you have a plethora of beautiful, affordable, comfortable and modest clothing options to choose from. And Brig is always designing and adding new pieces with YOU in mind.

Brigitte Brianna Effortless Hoodie

Whether you just want to look like a cute mom-on-the-go with your Brigitte Brianna Effortless Hoodie, or if you want some new activewear to pump up your daily exercise routine, you can find everything you need at SexyModest.com or the FREE SexyModest app. (Available for both Apple and Android users.)

Choose fun workouts

Too many of us use workouts as a form of punishment or a way to “earn” the food that we really want to eat. (“If I just run three miles on Thanksgiving morning, I can eat that piece of pie!” Sound familiar?) If running several miles is your jam, go for it! But don’t force your body to do something it doesn’t want to.

Instead, try thinking outside of the box. Dance in the kitchen. Search for “fun workouts” on YouTube (REFIT and Fitness Blender are good places to start). Heck, walk a little faster down the aisles at Target. 

Whatever you do, just look for ways to move your body throughout the day, even if it’s doing a few squats while you watch the news or challenging yourself to a wall sit while you brush your teeth. (Dentists recommend brushing for two minutes twice a day, so that’s at LEAST four minutes of exercise right there…)

Join Brig’s private fitness group!

Sometimes things are just easier when you’ve got someone to hold you accountable or to provide additional support for your fitness goals. As always, the Modestshoppin’ team has got your back.

In case you hadn’t heard, Jason and Brigitte offer a subscription to their private fitness group, which you can purchase directly from SexyModest.com. (Early Christmas present for yourself? *wink*wink*)

“Jase and I don't believe in diets,” says Brigitte. “In my opinion, most aren't even healthy or sustainable. What I do believe in is a healthy lifestyle, but without being hungry or eating rabbit food. Now, this does not mean a quick fix OR overnight results. This is changing daily habits little by little. These little steps add up to feeling great mentally and physically. This is what we will show you how to do.” 

When you join, here’s what you’ll learn from Brig and Jase:
  • WHAT they eat
  • WHEN they eat (and why) 
  • Healthy snack ideas
  • How the body works
  • Workout ideas and tutorials
  • Food brands they LOVE and buy
  • How to sustain the lifestyle

And of course, most importantly, you’ll have a supportive community that will help keep you accountable. 

Join Brig and Jase on a journey of learning how, when, and what to fuel your body so you can feel amazing this holiday season -- and beyond! For more information, click here.

Find what works for you

Whether you choose to cut back or cut loose this holiday season, it’s up to you. Just remember to take care of yourself and treat that amazing body of yours with the love and respect it deserves.

What motivates you to stay healthy for the holidays? Drop your tips and tricks in the comments below!

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