White sweatshirt with sneakers and jeans

7 styles to help you welcome in sweatshirt weather

White sweatshirt with jeans and sneakers

It’s true what they say -- sweater weather is better weather! But we’re going to make a controversial statement here and suggest that sweatshirt weather is even better. 

Now, before you slam your laptop or phone screen shut in disgust, hear us out. We’re big fans of a good cozy sweater (and you better believe we’ll be living in them alllllll winter long). But when you’re looking for something that’ll keep you warm without weighing you down as the temperature starts to dip ever so slightly, a sweatshirt has got your back, girl! (As well as your head if it’s a hoodie.)

Not only that, but sweatshirts have come a long way in recent years. Matching sweatsuits are really having a moment, as are fun patterns and chic details to dress up this traditionally casual look. 

So, if you’re looking for that perfect fall outfit for those football games, festivals, hay rides, and more, look no further because we’re sharing some excellent options to help you up-level your sweatshirt game.

Find yourself an ultra comfy, oversized sweatshirt 

Cloud Tunic in Red Brown

One of the best things about colder weather is it gives us all an excuse to basically wear blankets all the time. And who doesn’t love a good, comfy, oversized sweater that you can get lost in? Well, this Cloud Tunic is the stuff of dreams. One touch and you’ll be convinced this baby is made from cashmere. 

Cloud Tunic in Brick

Brushed fleece fabric, a high-low hemline, and a loose, cozy fit will have you living in this tunic-style sweatshirt for months. Dress it down with some distressed jeans and a felt hat, or pair it with leggings and boots if you want something a little more sophisticated. Since it’s voluminous yet flatteringly feminine at the same time, the Cloud Tunic gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to both comfort and style. A definite must-have!

Cover your assets with a calf-length cardi

Lifestyle Cardigan Motion Tee and Active Legging

A good cardigan is a woman’s best friend when things start cooling down outside, but a calf-length cardi that covers your bum and looks good with everything? That’s true love. The Lifestyle Cardigan is one of our best-selling pieces because it’s non-wrinkle, lightweight, and extremely versatile. (How many cardigans can take you directly from the gym to date night, we ask you?) Wear this one with jeans and a blouse, over your activewear, with a dress or skirt -- you can’t go wrong!

“The lifestyle cardigan is just that... it’s LIFE! You literally can wear it with anything. It is the perfect layering piece. Dress it up or down, it goes with everything!” -- Shea H.

Mix it up with an asymmetrical cardigan 

Jet Set Cardigan in Army Green

Another trending style these days is the asymmetrical cardigan look. (Because straight lines were SO 2020…) You’ll love the way the Jet Set Cardigan drapes elegantly around you while keeping you chic and cozy on your next whirlwind adventure! Wear it open or closed, with jeans or leggings… it’s calling your name! 

Voyage Cardigan in Navy

And if you prefer a non-wrinkle, lightweight version, check out the Voyage Cardigan. You can wear this asymmetrical stunner anywhere from your workout to the board room!

Add a little ruffle to your sweatshirt  

Ruffle Sweatshirt in Heather Gray

Remember when we said that sweatshirts have come a long way in terms of fashion? Well, we can sum up one simple change that’s made a big difference in just one word: Ruffles. (No, not the chips. Though those are amazing, too.) Turns out that a simple, elegant ruffle fringe can transform a plain, casual sweatshirt into a camera-ready top for a night out on the town.

Moda Sweatshirt in Powder

Take this Moda Sweatshirt for example. It’s a simple everyday sweatshirt, but with a little ruffle V detail on the front it becomes a head-turner that’s sure to capture some compliments. It looks great with jeans, leggings, joggers, and virtually anything else.

Striped Ruffle Sleeve Sweatshirt in Denim Blue

Going along with the ruffle theme, you’ve also got your pick between the Ruffle Sweatshirt and the Ruffle Sleeve Sweatshirt -- or both! Both are simultaneously fun, feminine, and perfect for fall. 

Bring some fashion to your hood 

Color Block Hoodie

Fun fact about hoodies: Did you know that they’ve been around for at least 100 years? And some people say they’ve even been on the scene in the middle ages. (Remember Robin Hood? He was the OG hoodie wearer, as far as we can tell.) They became especially popular after Sylvester Stallone wore one while he trained all over Philadelphia in the 1976 film Rocky

Brigitte Brianna Hoodie in Black

Well, you don’t have to be an athlete to appreciate the warmth, comfort, and undeniable coolness factor that a hoodie brings. These days, hoodies are just as cute and dressy as any other article of clothing. Color block hoodies are definitely “in,” as well as bold prints and feminine details. In fact, wear this one out in public and people will for sure be asking, “Where did you get that??”

Dress up your sweatshirt  

Hooded Sweatshirt Dress in Navy

Piggybacking off that last one, you can take your hoodie game one step further by dressing it up -- as in literally wearing it as a dress. Sweatshirt dresses are a game-changer and we defy you to find anything more cute and comfortable to wear. This Hooded Sweatshirt Dress can take you from October to March (and pretty much any other time of the year) because you can wear it on its own, with leggings, under a jacket, etc.

Hibernation Dress

And if you want a long sleeve version, it doesn’t get any better than the aptly-named Hibernation Dress. No need to worry about coordinating your tops and bottoms when everything comes in one piece.

Match your tops and bottoms for a stunning ensemble  

Weekender Hoodie and Pants in Leopard

Speaking of coordinating tops and bottoms… you’re gonna want to check this out. Ruling the game of athleisure these days are matching sweatsuits, an absolute must for your fall wardrobe. Even celebrities are rocking this look -- and we are HERE. FOR. IT. Whether you go with solids or patterns, you can’t lose with a winning combo like this.

Want more style ideas? Come shop with us LIVE!

That’s it for our sweatshirt styling ideas today, but if you want to catch even MORE styles for fall, be sure to join us LIVE on our free shopping app. We’ve got a constantly rotating inventory of sweaters, sweatshirts, cardigans, and more fashion faves, so don’t miss your chance to snag the best styles before they’re gone!

Are you a sweatshirt weather gal or sweaters all the way? Let us know in the comments!

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