8 cute and easy hair hacks for summertime

8 cute and easy hair hacks for summertime

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If you’ve ever wondered what to do with your hair during the summertime, you are not alone, girl! Welcome to the bane of nearly every woman’s existence between the months of June through August. You’ve got your summer outfit, you’ve got a flawless makeup routine, but the hardest part is always figuring out what to do with your hair.

Sure, those luscious long locks look fabulous when they’re perfectly curled and coiffed, but when it’s 100 degrees outside? Forget about it — unless you’re a fan of profuse neck sweat. Plus, why spend time heating and styling your hair when you’re only heading to the beach, going swimming, or doing any number of fun things out in the heat and humidity? Summer’s too short to waste hours on a ‘do that won’t last beyond the first two minutes in your convertible. 

What you need is something cute, easy, and FAST. (We’re guessing you’re not packing a curling iron on your camping trip in the woods or hiring a stylist for pool day. ...But no judgment if you do!)

Lucky for you, we’ve got 8 suggestions for what to do when you’re looking for simple summer hairstyle hacks to keep cool and save time. Grab a pencil — you’re gonna want to write this down…

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Invest in a shower cap



Wait… are shower caps in style now? Is this another TikTok thing? No. At least... not yet. While you could certainly try to pull this off as a fashion statement, the purpose of a shower cap is to actually preserve the style you’ve already worked so hard to achieve. You’ve probably seen Brig rave about her favorite shower caps on Instagram. (Her hubby is less enthused...) Because why wash and style your hair every day? Brig’s philosophy is: “ain’t nobody got time for that.”

Don’t just settle for those plastic-wrap-thin caps they give you at hotels. Get yourself one that will last! Bonus points if it’s as cute as this one

Get a headscarf while you’re at it

Woman wearing headscarf by pool

Okay, we joked about shower caps being in style. But THIS accessory is actually the go-to trend for headwear in 2021 if you can believe it. Remember those old-timey photos of ladies who’d drive around in convertibles with their hair wrapped neatly under a scarf? Well, that look is back, baby. And it’s ready to take over the world. 

Headscarves are quickly becoming the “it” look for hair fashion this year. They’re not only fashionable — they’re functional. These beauties can protect you from the elements and make your hair sleek and smooth if you wear them to bed at night. You can wear them in multiple ways, too — use it as a ponytail tie, bandana, twisted headband, or any number of chic styles. (Here are a few more ideas if you need some inspiration.) 

Or find a super cute hat

Brigitte Brianna Ruched Wrap Dress in Blue Brigitte Brianna Wrapped Maxi Dress in Mauve

If scarves aren’t your thing, you could always opt for a cute baseball cap or a stylish flat brim hat to protect your hair from the sun — or to cover up the fact that you haven’t washed it in x number of days. Pull your ponytail through a baseball cap or braid under a brimmed hat for an effortlessly cute summer ‘do.

And maybe pick up some hairpins and clips 

Brigitte with embellished clip in hair

Let’s face it. Some of us just aren’t hat people, as much as we might want to be. And that’s okay! If you can’t cover your head, hairpins will help you achieve an easy summer style in a pinch. Take your messy bun to a whole new level by using bobby pins to twist and hold different strands right where you want ‘em. You could also add some embellished pins and clips to your updo to give it a classier feel.

Bring back the claw clip

Woman wearing claw clip

Don’t you love how 90s fashion is making its way back into our lives? First it was mom jeans and now it’s this little accessory that made hairstyling so super simple back in the day — the claw clip! It’s back and better than ever. According to InStyle magazine, even Hailey Bieber and Bella Hadid are diggin’ it. Twist your hair up behind your head, secure it with a claw clip, and you might just be mistaken for a celebrity.

Before you dip into the pool, do this

Two women in a pool

Saltwater and pool chemicals are a no-no if you want to maintain a healthy head of hair and fight that summer frizz. But instead of skipping pool day, simply soak your hair in clean, fresh water or cover it with some leave-in conditioner before you take a dip. This will prevent your hair from soaking up so much of that damaging pool water. You’re welcome!

Embrace the crazy curls and frizz

Woman with naturally curly hair

Sometimes it seems like the harder you try to control your unruly mane, the worse it gets. (Hair and teenagers have that in common.) Instead, try to make your natural look work for you. Scrunch it, pin it, twist it, and let those cute curly coils and loose strands fall around your face. And if you need to cheat and curl a piece or two with your iron, we won’t tell...

Feeling bold? Chop it off!

Woman with short hair

Speaking of celebrities, a lot of these ladies are sporting some glamorous pixie cuts, bobs, and lobs these days and we are HERE FOR IT. If you’re ready for a change and want to really cool things down this summer, why not go for a new short haircut? It’s fun, it’s flirty, it’s feminine. And the best part is it helps you beat the heat! Besides, hair always grows back. Go for it!

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