8 Modest Tops From Your Favorite Modest Clothing Boutique

8 Modest Tops From Your Favorite Modest Clothing Boutique

Here we are again, choosing only a few of our favorite products to feature from our modest boutique. While we seriously adore every single one of our Brigitte Brianna modest tops, here are a few tops we think you'll LOVE!

Where to Find Modest Tops

Looking for cute modest women's shirts can seem like a scavenger hunt with no treasure. If cute and stylish modest tops that are also comfortable are important to you, good luck finding what you need at the mall let alone most stores. It used to feel impossible to find conservative tops that we actually like. 

If you're like we were and are still wondering where to get cute tops or modest shirts for ladies, we've got your back! SexyModest Clothing was actually created because of a mall trip where we found NOTHING that was modest and cute. It was all "frumpy."

We might be a little biased, but we think our modest clothing boutique has the perfect mixture of modest clothing. The best part? The Brigitte Brianna line is manufactured in the US! 

Basic Modest Tops

There's nothing "basic" about these shirts, but they're a great variety of modest v necks and layering tops modest clothing lovers will fall in love with! Check out our modest bottoms to complete your outfit!

Blouse Tee

 Blonde Female with White Blouse Tee, Jeans, Tennis Shoes, and Fanny Pack

Ahh the Blouse Tee! A modest v neck classic that goes with pretty much anything. It pairs beautifully with our Street Joggers and even comes in a non-see through white version. That's right a white tee that is not see through. #mindblown

Classic Top

Classic Top in Tangerine

The Brigitte Brianna Classic Top is well, classic! It can be dressed up or down and is made from our famous wrinkle-free fabric. 

Motion Tee

Woman wearing black motion tee and black berlin pants

The Motion Tee will quickly become your favorite travel top. It's perfect for on the go because it's SOOOOO comfortable! Dress it up with our Berlin Pant as shown!

Not Your Basic Modest Tops

Listen, there's nothing wrong basic modest tops, but why not wear tops that add a little extra flair to your life when you can! We think every wardrobe needs the basics for sure, but it also needs a little fun, right? Check out some of our favorite tops with some extra pizzaz. 

Moda Sweatshirt

Brunette woman wearing yellow modest sweatshirt, jeans, and sunglasses

Everyone needs a Moda Sweatshirt in their life! The ruffle adds a little extra style. It's cozy, comfy, and keeps you warm on a chilly day!

Picnic Top

Woman wearing a hat and a white modest top with puff sleeves

How cute are the sleeves on the Picnic Top? We're think they're absolutely DARLING making it one of our favorite conservative tops.

Tour Top

Woman wearing tour top with faded, distressed jeans and black boots.

The Tour Top is chic with a little bit of edge. It might be one of our top favorite modest shirts for ladies! 

Slit Sleeve Sweatshirt

Brunette girl wearing a long sleeved shirt with slits in the arm and light distressed jeans.

Can you tell we love slit sleeves? The Slit Sleeve Sweatshirt turns a jean and sweatshirt outfit into something so much cuter!

Ruched Sleeve Top

Brunette Girl with Red Ruched Sleeve Top, Jeans, and white tennis shoes.

 The Ruched Sleeve Top is a modest v neck top with super cute sleeves! Dress it up or wear it casual. It's a conservative top you'll want to wear again and again!

There are just a few of our favorite modest tops. We hope you find one or two, or more that you fall in love with! Don't forget, we strive for 5-star customer service and have over 6,000 5 Star reviews on Google! Basically, we're here to make you happy!

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