Glute Bridge at home workout

An easy 15-minute workout you can do at home

Ladies, who said you need a gym pass in order to get in shape and feel great?

If you want stronger muscles, a tighter tummy, and a healthier body, you have everything you need to make it happen right in your own living room! (Or your kitchen, your bedroom, your basement -- wherever you want to break a sweat.)

As a fitness guru herself, one of the most common questions Brigitte gets is, “What are some easy workouts I can do from home?”

Well, today is your lucky day because we’re serving up a simple full body, at-home workout that doesn’t require any equipment other than your own bodyweight.

Whether you’re at home or on the road, these 5 easy exercises are a great way to boost your energy and get your heart pumping. And it only takes about 10 to 15 minutes, so you can toss the old “I don’t have time” excuse right out the window!

But here’s the really, really good news: The health benefits of a simple 15-minute workout are insane. We’re talking about a healthier immune system, greater brainpower, an improved mood, and a longer life overall. 

Plus, studies found that shorter high-intensity interval routine (HIIT) workouts can actually burn more calories and produce faster results than some of those longer workouts. It goes back to the whole “work smarter, not harder” idea. It’s science, friends.

So now that you don’t have any excuses for not doing this routine, let’s get started!

Brigitte’s Easy At-Home Full Body Workout 

Before you begin: These workouts are designed to be simple enough for beginners, but you can make it harder by adding in some light weights for resistance or increasing your repetitions. **Just be careful not to overdo it.** As Brig says, “Don’t push yourself so hard that you can’t work out the next day. It’s much more effective to slow it down or do less rounds so you can continue to move your body every day.”

Total workout time: 10–15 minutes

Difficulty level: Easy

Directions: Do 20 reps (or 30 seconds for the plank) for the following 5 exercises without resting. After completing one round, rest for 1 minute. Repeat the circuit 3–5 times, depending on your desired level of intensity.

Video of the full routine:

Step 1: Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks
  • Stand straight with your arms to your sides.
  • Jump up, spreading your legs hip-width apart while extending your arms above your head. (Be sure to get the full range of motion -- this is more important than speed.)
  • Jump again, this time bringing your legs together and your arms back down to the side.
  • Repeat 20 times.

Make it more challenging: Do a star jump or a squat jack.

*For a low-impact modification: Instead of jumping, extend one leg to the side while raising your arms. Take turns alternating sides.

Step 2: Squats

  • Stand with feet a little wider than hip-width apart, pointing your toes toward the front.
  • Bend your knees and push your hips back, keeping your chest and head up. (Aim for a 90-degree angle.)
  • Push up through your heels and straighten your legs to a standing position. (Don’t rush! Going slower will give your muscles a better workout.)
  • Repeat 20 times.

Make it more challenging: add weights for more resistance or turn it into a jump squat.

Step 3: Glute Bridges

Glute bridge
  • Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor.
  • Keep arms straight at your sides with your palms down.
  • Lift your hips off the ground, forming a straight diagonal line from your head to your knees.
  • Hold for a couple of seconds and then slowly lower your hips back to the ground.
  • Repeat 20 times.

Make it more challenging: Place a weight on your hips for greater resistance. You can also try these variations. 

Step 4: Plank Shoulder Touches

Plank shoulder touches
  • Start in a high plank position with arms straight and hands directly under shoulders.
  • Feet should be about hip-width apart.
  • Keeping your hips as still as possible, lift one hand and tap the opposite shoulder.
  • Alternate with the other hand/shoulder. (Remember to keep your core engaged as well.)
  • Repeat 20 times.

Make it more challenging: Hold your hand to your shoulder for 3–5 seconds before lowering it. This will make your body work harder to hold the position.

Step 5: 30-Second Plank Hold

30-second plank hold
  • Plant your hands shoulder-width apart on the floor.
  • Ground your toes into the floor, hip-width apart.
  • Keep a straight diagonal line from your ankles to your shoulders.
  • Remember to breathe!
  • Hold for 30 seconds.

Make it more challenging: Increase the distance between your arms or your feet, or try lifting one of your legs or arms while you hold the plank.

**Remember to rest for 1 minute after each round and repeat 3–5 times.**

Tips for getting the most out of your at-home workout

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After you experience the high that comes from those exercise endorphins, you’re going to want to do it again. Trust us.

If you want to show your body some love and get the most out of your at-home workouts, here are a few tips:

Fuel your body with healthy food. Yes, you’re probably saying “duh!” to this one. But it’s critical! Don’t run yourself into the ground without providing your body the proper nourishment it deserves. Check out WebMD’s list of what to eat before and after a workout if you need ideas. (We’re also fans of Clean Simple Eats and Perk Energy around here.)

Drink lots of water! Nothing can ruin a good workout like dehydration can. Make sure you’re well-hydrated before, during, and after each exercise. (Brig starts her day by chugging 32 oz. of lemon water.)

Mix it up. You might be a cardio junkie, but don’t neglect those muscles! Doing a variety of exercises (strength-training, cardio, flexibility, etc.) will improve your overall fitness and prevent burnout. 

Listen to some music. Sometimes you’re just not going to be in the mood to exercise. But music can pump you up and help shift your mindset so you’re ready to tackle a workout. (Listening to music can even be a workout itself if you’re the dance-in-the-kitchen type!)

Remember to rest. This works on two levels: 1) Get enough sleep at night. 2) Don’t overwork yourself. Allowing your body to rest and recover -- particularly after an intense workout -- is just as important as the work you put in!

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