Brigitte Brianna Street Joggers and Voyage Cardigan

17 fall transition pieces to get you excited for cooler weather

Brigitte Brianna Weekender Hoodie in Leopard

Well, ladies, it’s that time of the year when we bid farewell to our shorts and flip flops and start pulling out all those warmer options as the temperature drops. You might have some mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, it’s never easy to say goodbye to summertime. But then again, is there anything better than sweater weather?

Since nothing helps soothe a summer-missing soul than the promise of some brand new clothes, here are 17 pieces from the Brigitte Brianna Collection to help you transition into fall! 

Easy Day Top

Brigitte Brianna Easy Day Top

When you’re going back and forth between warm days and chilly nights, the name of the game is options. You want pieces that can take you from 80 to 40 degrees in a pinch! And one of the must-have pieces for this is the long-sleeve, wrinkle-free Easy Day Top. True to its name, this top makes transitioning to fall a breeze because it’s slightly warmer but still lightweight. If you don’t have this one yet, it’s calling your name.

Berlin Pant

Brigitte Brianna Berlin Pant

Now for some pants. Maybe you want something a little dressier, but nothing too heavy just yet. The Berlin Pants are perfect because they’re lightweight and wrinkle-free, and they fit like trousers. Wear them with some mule shoes or keep your summer sandals going a little longer. You’ll be the perfect combo of comfort and class. Plus, these pants pair well with that Easy Day Top that you just added to your shopping cart! ;)

Overall Dress

Brigitte Brianna Overall Dress in Red Plaid

The Overall Dress is a slightly heavier dress with cute pockets in the front — the perfect fall look. Brigitte recommends wearing this with a long-sleeve graphic tee underneath and cute ankle boots if you’re going for something casual. But you can also dress it up and wear it to church with some boots and a turtleneck underneath.

Aspen Turtleneck

Brigitte Brianna Aspen Turtleneck in Black

It just so happens we have the perfect recommendation for a turtleneck that goes well with that Overall Dress. The Aspen Turtleneck is made from our buttery soft jersey fabric and works for both layering and wearing alone. (With pants or a dress, of course. :))

Hooded Sweatshirt Dress

Brigitte Brianna Hooded Sweatshirt Dress in City Plaid

Want to look cute and put together as effortlessly as possible? Then you’ll want to add the Hooded Sweatshirt Dress to your closet! Made from our French terry sweatshirt fabric, this short-sleeved dress features an oversized cowl neck and kangaroo pockets for a casual, fun look. Wear it with a denim jacket and a pair of boots, or wear it on its own with a pair of sneakers for a more sporty look. 

Varsity Dress

Brigitte Brianna Varsity Dress in Red

The Varsity Dress is a knee-length, non-wrinkle fall favorite of Brigitte’s. It looks super cute with sandals or white sneakers and a flannel shirt or denim jacket tied around the waist for layering. Wear it to your kids’ football games or during the day while it’s still hot outside!

Shoulder Ruffle Top

Brigitte Brianna Shoulder Ruffle Top in Denim Ribbed

Here’s another top you can pair with that Overall Dress! The Shoulder Ruffle Top is very versatile and pairs well with skirts, jeans, dresses — you name it! And the ruffle is subtle enough that you don’t have to worry about it getting in the way. (No football pad shoulders over here!) 

Splendor Dress

Brigitte Brianna Splendor Dress in Olive

So many people do family pictures in the fall and the Splendor Dress is a stunning, no-fail choice for just that! It’s also great for wearing to church or special events. Thanks to its raw edge, you can easily trim the bottom with a pair of scissors if you need it a little shorter. Wear it with heels, boots, or a belt and a felt hat. You’re gonna fall in love with it. 

Square Tank Top

Brigitte Brianna Square Tank Top

This is a brand new member of the BB family and a definite must-have! The Square Tank Top looks cute tucked into the Berlin Pant and layered with a non-wrinkle cardigan on top. And since there’s no sleeve, you don’t have to worry about that bunched-up look! 

Dream Skirt

Brigitte Brianna Dream Skirt

An elastic waist, wrinkle-free fabric, and pockets? You definitely need to add the aptly named Dream Skirt to your closet this fall! It’s easy to dress up or down and perfect for travel once fall break rolls around.

Street Joggers

Brigitte Brianna Street Joggers in Navy

If you’ve been a SexyModest shopper for a while now, odds are you’ve got a pair of our famous non-wrinkle Street Joggers. But do you have them in all nine colors? Because you may never need to buy another pair of pants again. (Seriously — these even work as pajamas.)

Voyage Cardigan

Brigitte Brianna Voyage Cardigan in Navy

The Voyage Cardigan is like a blazer cardigan in non-wrinkle fabric. You can ball this up, leave it in your car, and whenever you need it, it’ll be your wrinkle-free best friend. Wear it over graphic tees with our Street Joggers or Dream skirt. It’s a great piece for fall!

Sprinter Jacket

Brigitte Brianna Sprinter Jacket in Navy

Pay close attention to Brigitte’s Instagram account in the next couple of months because you’re probably going to see this one A LOT. The Sprinter Jacket is a new fave. It’s a lightweight, sporty sweatshirt, with cute lines down the sides — super classy. Throw it on with jeans and a pair of white sneakers and you’ll be the most stylish mom cruising the aisles at Target.

Jet Set Cardigan

Brigitte Brianna Jet Set Cardigan in Heather Gray

Made out of our French terry sweatshirt fabric, the Jet Set Cardigan can either hang down elegantly around you, or you can button it for a more sophisticated look. It’ll look great on you with jeans and a graphic tee, or pair it with sweats, sweatpant shorts or any of the BB pieces made from the same fabric. 

Weekender Pants

Brigitte Brianna Weekender Pants in Heather Gray

Here’s a piece that goes well with the Jet Set Cardigan. Once school starts, everyone starts living for the weekend again, but with the Weekender Pants, every day is Friday! They have a cuff on the bottom so you can roll them up on your leg for a more sporty look. Wear them with sneakers and you’ve got yourself a knockout. 

Heavenly PJ Set

Brigitte Brianna Heavenly PJ Set in Charcoal Gray

Those fall mornings get pretty chilly, so it may be time for some pj’s that are up to the task of keeping you warm and cozy. The Heavenly PJ Set is made from the softest, yummiest fabric you will ever find in pajamas. It’s basically a cashmere set of pajamas -- without the price tag. You won’t be embarrassed to step outside in these jammies.

“You will live in them!” promises Brigitte.

Cloud Tunic

Brigitte Brianna Cloud Tunic in Brick

Made from the same cozy, yummy, ultra-soft fabric as the Heavenly PJ Set, the Cloud Tunic is THE best top for fall. You can wear it with skinny jeans or activewear leggings because its high-low cut gives you the perfect coverage. Throw in some ankle boots and a hat and you’re golden! Trust us, this is one you’ll throw on over and over. (Just save yourself some time and order all three colors right now!)

Gear up for fall with the SexyModest Mix & Match Collection!

Brigitte Brianna Snakeskin Street Joggers in Brown

Hopefully all of your tears about the end of summer have been washed away now that you have a few new outfit ideas to get excited about! And here’s the really great news: There is so much more where that came from. Brigitte created a whole collection of pieces for busy moms to mix & match when they’re on the go. These are tops, bottoms, and outfits that will not only see you through fall but throughout the whole year.

Check out the Mix & Match collection today and start building that versatile wardrobe!

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