Holiday Gift Guide Part II

 I am SO GLAD you've decided to join me for part two of my modest gift guide! Hopefully, that means you're enjoying some part of it! 😉 In my unperfect opinion, everything I've mentioned in part one and two are things that EVERYONE will love and there is no way that anyone could NOT love any of these... yeah right! 

I'm sure some of you won't love these as much as I do, and if that is the case then just enjoy the cute photos  😂 On that note, let's dive into part two!! 


Gift Idea

For home decor, you can NEVER go wrong with Zibetti&CO!  Seriously! Ashley and her husband make IT ALL with their bare hands!! They really can make anything! They even custom make furniture and decor. Go check them out!! No one I know would ever say no to some cute home decor!! 

Gift Idea Gift Idea

 Gift Idea

Next up is doTERRA. Growing up we always had herbs on the shelves and in the closet because my mom would make all these cool things out of them! So naturally, I learned the benefits of certain herbs and what they do for your body. No, they're not my saving grace, BUT they do work wonders! So obviously I just had to include this :))


Gift Idea 

Reece&CO. HAVE YOU SEEN ANYTHING CUTER?! I think not. This is for the ladies who always lose their keys every. single. day. Here there is a HUGE variety! There's tiny tassels that are easy and don't add bulk, then there are the bigger ones that appeal to others! And the earrings... Can you tell I just LOVE the tassels?😍 


Modest Jumper  


 Don't pretend to be surprised to see this one. 😉 SexyModest has the cutest jumpers!! Somehow, Brigitte manages to make the comfiest clothes that also look dressy as heck! I honestly don't know how she does it but I LOVE IT!  


Gift Idea

Some more home decor comin' at ya! Latter-Day Home has the cutest variety of uplifting home decor! You can make custom pillows, wall art etc as gifts! How cute is that?! I'm telling you, you really can't go wrong with home decor!! 


Gift Idea


Remember that blog I did FOREVER ago about my uncle's mural? Well, he's making a comeback on here because he's AMAZING!! Growing up with his art definitely spoiled me and the family in that department, no one is as good as him! Most of his art is Christian art, if you're familiar with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints there is a chance you've seen his art in the temples! One of my favorite things that he does are yearly calendars, and they make as great gifts! Visit for more! 

Alright ladies, I sincerely hope you've enjoyed tagging along for this gift guide. And if you found something you like that's great! I do have to add if you're on Instagram most of these cute companies are active there as well! 


Until next time, 

Rachel 💞



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