My FAVORITE Tees for ANY Occasion

My FAVORITE Tees for ANY Occasion

If I haven't mentioned already, one of my absolute FAVORITE things about fall is layering!! It's so fun to play with all the outfits you can make with your closet! It's especially important because while the weather is still transitioning it's literally FREEZING in the morning, hot in the afternoon, then cold again in the evening. So the first thing about layering is having basics Tees are my favorite way to do that! 

Some things to keep in mind while looking for basic tees to layer: 

  • Is it a neutral color that will look good with most things in my closet?
  • Is it thin enough to be able to layer? Believe it or not, some tees are just too bulky to be able to wear under or with anything else! 
  • The neck... Does the cut of the neck look good with what I want to pair it with?

I've put together some of my very FAVORITE tees for layering! Enjoy:)


The Favorite Basic Tee

Basic Tee

 THIS TEE GUYS. It's white, so it will literally go with anything in your closet! And the neck is a round neck that isn't too high or too low, so even under a jumper or an overall dress would look so dang cute! 


The Crew Neck Tee 

Basic Tee

 Brigitte Brianna's Crew Neck Tee is literally PERFECTION!  It looks like a regular t-shirt BUT it's made out of her wrinkle free material that is amazing and durable quality! They obviously have more colors than just black, but think back to the list above. Its neutral and will go with ANYTHING, it's not bulky AT ALL, and the neck is round so it will look good with pretty much anything you pair it with! Like imagine this outfit with a cute colored cardigan and it's perfect for fall!


The Molly Striped Mock Neck Top 

Mock Neck Top

 Stripes are my FAVORITE! It's great for the colder days when you couldn't even IMAGINE layering all the way down to just a tee! The mock neck is perfect because it's not so thick that you can't wear a scarf with it, but it will still keep you warm if you decide not to! Literally this would pair perfectly with ANYTHING in your closet! 

P.S... It also comes in ivory <3

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