SexyModest lighted GNO sign with flowers and balloon arch

Here's what you missed at the SexyModest pop-up shop/Girls Night Out

SexyModest lighted GNO sign

It was a night to remember… a fun-filled, fashion fest of female friends (and a few fellas, too). It was SexyModest’s pop-up shop/Girls Night Out. And it was a party unlike any other...

In case you missed the fun or if you’ve ever wondered what happens at Brig’s famous pop-up shop parties, here’s a little recap of the night — and a few reasons why you’ll definitely want to be on the lookout for the next big event! (Download our app to be the first to know when this happens.)

Meet the Shamy Family

Shamy Family

Why travel several miles to shop in person for things you can easily buy online, you ask? Because it’s not often that you get to meet your clothing designer face-to-face and chat it up! Without trying to butter up the boss here, it’s safe to say that one of the best things about the GNO was getting to meet Brigitte, Jason, and their girls. (Everyone in the family was there except for 2-year-old Berkeley, who, unfortunately, had a previous commitment with a crib and a very soft blankie.) 

Brigitte talking to event attendees

Though it’s easy to feel like you already know them if you follow them online, it’s even better when you realize that they’re just as warm and friendly in real life. Brig and Jase made a point to mix and mingle with as many visitors as possible, only pausing to announce some giveaways and snap a few photos and selfies with attendees. Meanwhile, their girls helped run the PB&K bath bomb booth (which you’ve definitely gotta try, if you haven’t already) and cheerfully greeted the online community of followers who’ve been watching them grow up. (Which is much less creepy than it sounds...)

Jason and Brigitte standing on stage for a giveaway

Really, on a Friday night when they could be hanging out with friends, watching movies, or doing almost anything else, it’s impressive that the Shamy girls chose to spend the whole evening supporting their mom and dad. Which makes total sense — family has been the hallmark of the SexyModest business all these years. You feel — and are treated — like family yourself when you show up to an event like this!

All the SexyModest things — at HUGE discounts

Brigitte Brianna clothing collection

Ladies, if you were itching to get your hands on ALLLLLLLL the SexyModest inventory, then this pop-up shop was the stuff of dreams! Every available piece from the Brigitte Brianna Collection was on full display, including her cosmetics line and newly launched Scrubsluxe scrubs. You could try on anything and everything to your heart’s content, even the new releases. (Those BB Active Leggings truly are buttery soft, BTW. And the Splendor Dress? Even more gorgeous in person! Just in case you were wondering.)

Brigitte Brianna Cosmetics

The best part was that the regular prices were slashed with crazy markdowns that only come once in a blue moon (or in this case, once in a pop-up shop/GNO). If you missed it, oh boy… do NOT miss the next one! You won’t be sorry.

A peek at the awesome vendors who joined us

Pop-up shop vendor

Sure, the allure of cute, stylish, affordable modest clothing is probably enough to draw you in on its own... But wait — there’s more! Lining the periphery of the pop-up shop, we had a great group of vendors featuring some of Brigitte’s favorite products, treats, and services. And if you didn’t get a chance to see them in person, be sure to check these guys out online:

Balloon arch entrance with floral arrangements

And we can’t forget about the people who made us look so good: our amazing decorators. (Seriously — just look at the pictures. Jaw-dropping.) If you’ve got an event coming up, you should definitely check these peeps out:

Here’s what the attendees had to say

Long line of women

Of course we can talk up the pop-up shop/GNO all we want, but the real indicator for success is the feedback from attendees. Here’s what people are saying about it:

“It was amazing! So fun to be a tiny-tiny bit part of it... you and your whole team are the sweetest!! You guys rocked it! ❤️👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽”

“It was so worth the drive from Reno! Thanks for talking to us! So fun ❤️”

“Y’all really know how to put in a fun night! 🔥🔥🔥”

“You guys did an amazing job!!! I absolutely loved it! My husband knows how much I love your products and he knew I’d be coming home with a few pieces😅 loved it so much! ❤️ thank you!!!”

“It was amazing! So great seeing so many beautiful souls in one place. We met a lot of great new friends and heard story’s of people that drove 5 hours to come this event! It was a pleasure to be there! Absolutely marvelous ❤️”

That’s just a handful out of the hundreds who came — but you get the idea! It’s safe to say that everyone had a good time.

A big THANK YOU to all who participated 

Group of women posing for a photo

As you can imagine, it takes a village to pull something like this together, and Brigitte and Jason are confident they’ve got the best team in town. In a big thank you post on Instagram, Brig said it best:

“For some moments in life there just aren’t words. It’s hard to describe feelings, relationships, teamwork, your tribe, the people who show up for you. And I could never begin to describe the conversations had and the lives that have touched us. And my rockstar team that worked their guts out getting this ready and putting on one heck of a party. My hubby and kids that worked beside me last night and that help me everyday to juggle our life. And the vendors that came…my favorite people and businesses. People that not only do I love their products but they are easy to love and support because they work their businesses to show they love their clients. And the biggest thank you to my Heavenly Father for allowing me to share my passion and heart and that I get to work and be a mommy and to work with my best friend everyday is such a gift.”

And of course, Brig had to thank all of YOU — whether you were able to join the event or not.

“You remind me that’s it’s so much more than just clothing we share together. We strive to make women’s lives better we all that we do and ironically, because of you, I feel the role is reversed.”

Stay tuned for the next SexyModest Girls Night Out event

Brigitte Brianna Splendor Dress in Olive

Sad you missed the party? Don’t worry — Brig has reassured several of you on Instagram already that we’ll be doing another one! Though there’s no set date yet (let us catch our breath), your best bet of snagging a ticket to the next event is to follow @modestshoppin on Instagram AND download our free shopping app. (Definitely make sure you download the app. You never know when the next Facebook and Instagram crash might happen… 🥴)

Our app users get the FIRST LOOK at all the latest deals, styles, and SM news, so if you want to be first in line at the next pop-up shop party, download the app today and turn on those notifications! 

Did you make it to this year’s GNO? Be sure to post your pics and tag us!

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