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Back To School Letter - The Talk FREE DOWNLOAD

Back To School Letter - The Talk FREE DOWNLOAD

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School is about to start. I receive messages every year asking me what our family “Back to School” traditions are. I am happy to share with you that we have just a few.

Back to school is a time of great excitement. (Mostly for Jase and me, haha!) We get a few hours to ourselves so we can miss our kids and be much better parents when they get home. Trust me, I have spent an embarrassing amount of time locked in my closet counting to ten.

Every year we have “The Talk,” Nope, not that one, but one that is just as important. Years ago I was gifted this letter from a dear friend and I am thrilled to share it with you!

We have The Talk with each child at the start of every school year.

We’ve had The Talk many times over the years and as our girlies get older our approach changes, but the story doesn’t. The story is always about Adam. Kira, Bentley and Pressy know Adam’s story by heart now, and that is the point.

Also, this: We do father’s blessings. On the eve before school starts, each of our girls takes a turn on the floor in front of their dad. He lays his hands on their heads and prays for them. There are tears, smiles, hugs and a special spirit that enters our house and makes it feel like home.

I wish you all the best this school year as it is sure to present challenges with the current state of the world. But don’t worry, we’ve got this! And to you Mommas that are dropping your big babies off at college this week, CONGRATULATIONS! Well done. We can love them just as much from a distance, right? Now you’ll have a little more time for bath bombs and shopping live with me :-)




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