How to Dress Professionally: The Basics to Business Dress Code

How to Dress Professionally: The Basics to Business Dress Code

 If you've ever had a job, you know that most require some sort of business dress code. Some fields might want you to dress in a suit or a conservative dress when others they won't care if you showed up in jeans and a t-shirt. Though every workplace has different dress requirements, there are 3 basic types of work attire. 

 The first is what we call professional dress. This is where you would wear classy clothes (like we talked about), such as an appropriate dress or a business suit. Dress to show confidence and experience! They key is conservatism. Color choice when it comes to your wardrobe is an important tool to consider, you should choose basic neutral colors, such as black, gray or navy. A great example of this is Brigitte Brianna's Peplum Dress. It's DARLING and perfect for an important business event.  Conservative Business Dress


The next kind of dress is business casual, my personal favorite. This gives you a lot more to work with! Last month I went to a networking event and the dress code was business casual and you could definitely tell apart the business and casual people;) But in all seriousness, when a dress code is business casual you want to dress more business than casual. It is appropriate to wear a nice blouse with a knee length skirt or dress pants. I swear just has it all! Her Pop Up Shop Top is an ideal top to pair with a cute pencil skirt! And if you're like me, and wear pants any chance you can get the Blouse Tee paired with her (very comfortable) Street Joggers in the PERFECT combo for you! 

Cute Modest BlouseCute Business Pants


 The last one is campus casual. You basically have free reign over what you can wear! As long as you don't come in pajama's or sweats that is;) I'm talking jeans and a tee, the very basics in your closet. Try getting a little more colorful instead of sticking to the neutrals, this lets you use way more of your closet than the first two. And what's not great about that?!

Modest Basic Top

As always, until next time ladies! 




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