THIS is the superpower you need in 2020

THIS is the superpower you need in 2020

How many of you heard Jase share this nugget of wisdom on the Modestshoppin Movement podcast? (Psssst! if you haven’t subscribed to the podcast, click here.)

If you’ve been following SexyModest for a while, you know that we do so much more than sell modest clothing. (Although the clothes are pretty cute, if we do say so ourselves.) 

Everything Brigitte creates, every post that’s shared, every aspect of this business is designed for ONE purpose: to make women’s lives better. To help you look and feel your absolute best from the inside out.

Whether that’s through helping you find the right dress for a wedding, motivating you to make healthy choices, or simply sharing the highs and lows of everyday life, the SexyModest team is here for you!

And if there was ever something that we were 100% certain could make your lives better, it’s this:


Before you roll your eyes at this totally cliché topic for Thanksgiving time, hear us out -- we know this has been a tough year. You might even be wondering, “What have I got to be grateful for?”

But if you want to show 2020 who’s boss and turn this year around, gratitude is the way to do it. 

Gratitude makes you healthier

Has your doctor ever told you, “Hey, you should just try to be more grateful”? No? Well, they SHOULD. 

Studies consistently show that grateful people are healthier. They experience fewer aches and pains. They have higher levels of self-esteem. They even SLEEP better. (Sign us up!)

It’s no surprise, but when you’re grateful for your body, you treat it well. The natural consequence is better overall health.

(And yes -- studies show that gratitude can even help people who suffer from chronic, horrible diseases like cancer.)

Gratitude gets rid of toxic emotions

Are you a fearful person? Do you get angry easily? Gratitude is the antidote. 

It even works with jealousy. If you listened to this recent podcast episode, you heard Brig share this inspiring fact: Studies show if you are grateful you are less resentful toward someone who has something you don’t.

As Brené Brown said, “Practicing gratitude is how we acknowledge that there’s enough and that we’re enough.”

Gratitude can change the world

What would it do for this world if we all focused on the GOOD instead of the bad? It’s easy to judge, criticize, or belittle another person. It’s easy to compare ourselves to others and wish we had more.

We want to encourage you to strive for something better. 

Here at SexyModest, we’re blessed to have an amazing community of friends and followers whom we KNOW are capable of shining some bright lights in this world. 

So here’s the challenge: pick something from the list below and commit to doing it. Every. Day.

Not only will this make your life better, but it will bless many others in return. 

Tips for becoming more grateful:

  • Start a gratitude journal. This doesn’t have to be a novel -- you can literally write one line each day. You’ll be amazed at how many blessings come popping into your mind once you develop this habit.

  • Use social media for good. We’re not talking about posting “#blessed” and bragging about how good your life is... Instead, share something inspiring and uplifting. Post your favorite quote. Tell a funny story people can relate to. The world is full of people who could use a lift -- or a laugh. (Cue the @mrmodestshoppin reels!) 

  • Surround yourself with positive people. Gratitude, like many emotions, is contagious. When you spend your time with people who are happy and grateful, you can’t help but be grateful too!

  • Verbally express your gratitude daily. In the daily routine of life, don’t forget to say “thank you” as often as you can. Thank your kids for doing their homework. Thank your husband for taking out the trash. “Thank you” is a simple phrase that can be a great motivator for people.

  • Say a random prayer for a random person. This is a fun one. It can be easy to get in the habit of praying for the same people over and over. Why not switch things up by saying a prayer for the mailman? Or your cashier? Or that lady in the grocery store who looked tired and stressed? You’ll start appreciating all the “random” people in your life more. (Note: Wait until you’re away from this person to pray for them -- otherwise it could have an adverse effect.)

  • Remember that the hard times will pass. No one said you have to be happy all the time. Bad days -- bad years, even -- are a normal part of life. The trick is to remember that they don’t last forever. When you’re going through a hard time, look around and find something to be grateful for. We guarantee you’ll find something. 

  • Remember…

    Your terrible job is the dream of everyone that needs work.

    Your smile is the dream of the depressed.

    Your health is the dream of the ill.

    Your house is the dream of every homeless.

    The very air you breathe is a gift, friends. 

    How has gratitude been your superpower? What are you grateful for? We’d love to hear!

    Drop your comments below!

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